Did we “Top That Tailgate”

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Did we

Well to answer the question of did we “Top That Tailgate” its a tough call. Given the fact that the weather conditions were downright nasty and the wind was blowing at 15 mph, we did our absolute best to stay warm while enjoying some food and cocktails.We did prepare well for this game. We were smart enough to bring a tarp for the tent to block the wind (As evidenced in the background of the picture). Also you can see that we were pretty much bundled up to stay warm.

So onto the menu for this week. This weeks menu included angus burgers, sausage and peppers from our deep fried turkey chef, kielbasa, and the best batch of steak chilli ever made by Steve Drew. Also our cocktails consisted of the Captain, Bacardi Coconut, 2 30 packs of beer(no cooler needed), and of course the Leroux Blackberry Brandy to sneak in with us.

Inside the UCONN-Louisville game, there were a few funny moments in our little group. As the game went on and the spirits filled our bodies, one person stood out as the comedian of the group. Now when it’s as cold as it was, you would expect people to be adding layers not taking them off. Yes, I did say taking layers off. Our own Kevin Malloy, warmed by the Blackberry Brandy, began to take layers off saying he was getting to warm. You had to be there to hear the things he was yelling but it was pretty darn funny. When he got down to the sweater layer, we had to wonder did his wife dress him in that sweater. This sweater resembled the lady from the last game’s 1970’s couch jacket. It was definitely a site to see.

So to answer the question of did we “Top That Tailgate”, I am going to have to say no but it wasn’t from a lack of trying. I think the cold weather had something to do with it but it does give us many ideas for next year on “How to Top That Tailgate”.

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