Dismantled At The Cell

Disappointment. That??s the best word I can think of to describe our Boston Red Sox laying a collective egg at the Cell today. Not only did they look completely uninterested and lazy, but apparently Matt Clement was joking around with David Wells on the bench after being slapped around for six runs in two innings. This is playoff time, now is when you get serious. Enough horsing around and pretending like this doesn??t mean anything. I know, this is the same team that came back from 0-3 to beat the Yankees, but that was last years team. Bottom line: the 2005 Sox don??t have any pitching, any bullpen and a lineup that turns on and off.
Sure, this is only Game 1. Boomah has always pitched well in big games, and I expect no different tomorrow night. It was just frustrating to follow a team the entire season, watch every game, go through the ups and downs, then let it all culminate in clinching a playoff berth and soiling ourselves on the field. That was pathetic. The only way to prove to the Sox fan base and maybe themselves that they are real contenders for a possible repeat, it??s time to show your grapes and play the baseball we all know you??re capable of. And David Wells is the perfect man to start em up.
Clement never really had his sharp stuff today, while Contreras was mowing us down like grass. Jose had what seemed like a 40.12 ERA vs. the Red Sox while donning the ?

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