Doba on the QB’s

This from Glenn’s Spokesman blog says it all doesn’t it?

“People want to make a (QB) switch just for the sake of switching,” he said. “But come in Sunday morning and grade the film. Come to practice every day. Come to the quarterback meetings. And then tell me who should start.”

Or how about this? “If we thought Josh could win the game for us, sure, we’d put him in,” Doba said. “We don’t hate Josh or anything. But unless (Alex) really struggles …”

Wow. Basically you are saying Swogger is dumb, and gives you NO chance to win a game. Wow. How can those statements be interpreted any other way?

I shouldn’t go TOO hard on Doba, by the way. I mean I was leading the “Mike Must GO!” chants back in 1999 and 2000, when the king of poop island was in charge. How stupid would that have been in looking back at 2001-2003??

Anyway, isn’t what Doba is saying the same as what we’ve been saying all along? This is proof, finally, that they are holding in high value some things that happen during the week, stuff the average fan just doesn’t see, and that there is more to these decisions vs. what happens exclusively on the field on gameday.

You know what might be a really good thing? I wonder if someone could get in touch with Rosie at some point and get him “off the record”, phi alpha boy to phi alpha boy, and hear from the horse’s mouth what is REALLY going on! I know he used to talk to Whorley, but that seems to have died down a lot. Plus Tim is going through a tough time, I highly doubt football is on his mind right about now. Anyway, hearing the true inside view would sure as hell end a lot of our speculation. Maybe he’d say “they all suck, but Alex at least has a clue!?”

On to the game – Call me crazy, but I have a feeling we’re going to breathe new life into this season on Saturday. The 3-game season is on all the player’s lips right now. Some people have laughed at that phrase, that it’s a 3-game season, but old Slick Rick used to use crap like that all the time, like the NW championship, and that worked wonders on keeping his teams focused down the stretch. Meanwhile, a frosh QB used to 90 and sunny making his first road start in 42-degree rainy weather? Cougs with a strong week of practice fighting for bowl eligibility? I like our chances. Let’s see how good all-universe WR Derek Hagan is when he’s soaked and freezing. Let’s see how Carpenter is at QB when faced with a noisy crowd on the road for the first time EVER. Let’s see how their patchwork O-line handles everything.

COUGS win it, 30-24.

I’d go on about the other games this week, but you know what? I just don’t care. I only care how we do this week. Nothing else matters.

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