Does Tom Brady’s Retirement Impact Aaron Rodgers’ Future Plans?

The Hefty Cost of an Aaron Rodgers Trade, According to an NFL Insider

Now that the NFL world is digesting the fact that Tom Brady is retiring for good as he announced on Wednesday morning, questions about another veteran quarterback come to the forefront.

Aaron Rodgers is 39 years old.

He turns 40 in December during the 2023 NFL season.

Rodgers has indicated that he needs time to figure out what his next move is.

However, Adam Schefter seemed to put a wrench in his potential future in Green Bay with his reporting that the Packers are considering a potential Aaron Rodgers trade.

No one knows exactly what Rodgers or the Packers plan to do, but there are plenty of theories.

The leading theory is that there is no way that Aaron Rodgers retires after the 2022 season.

Rodgers Was Never Retiring In The First Place

Some argue that he was never planning to in the first place.

He may want to break up with the Green Bay Packers and go elsewhere, New York to the Jets maybe?

Joe Namath already offered him his retired number.

How about Las Vegas?

A reunion with Davante Adams could be fun.

Tony Kornheiser on Wednesday’s episode of PTI advanced a new theory.

Could Rodgers go to New England and work with Bill Belichick?

The bottom line is that Rodgers has options and can still play at a high level so retiring is not in the cards.


Rodgers Definitely Will Not Retire The Same Season Brady Does

Now that Brady retired, that adds more ammunition to the theory that Rodgers comes back in 2023.

He would not want to retire in the same year as Brady and get inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2028 at the same time as the G.O.A.T.

Rodgers can say he does not know what he wants to do, but what we think he really means is that he does not want to spend another season in Green Bay.


Rodgers Has Unfinished Business

Rodgers won one Super Bowl, but quite honestly, he should have more than one ring.

For various reasons, it did not happen in Green Bay.

You could argue that the Packers did not always give him the offensive support he needed.

And you can argue that the Packers fell short at times when they should have won big games, i.e. 2020 NFC Championship when Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Packers at Lambeau by the score of 31-26.

There could be a lot of quarterback movement in this 2023 offseason so Aaron Rodgers is just one intriguing piece of the puzzle that will also include Jimmy Garoppolo and Derek Carr.




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