Dolph Ziggler Possibly Leaving WWE After Turning Down A Recent Offer

Dolph Ziggler

The rumors of WWE talents possibly finishing up with the company continue to run wild, as we reported on Wednesday that The Revival could be on their way out of WWE and Mike and Maria Kanellis have reportedly asked for their releases.

The rumors of disgruntled WWE talents potentially asking for releases come on the heels of the All Elite Wrestling announcement, which have lead some fans to speculate that talents view AEW as a very realistic alternative to WWE and are asking to be released from their WWE deals so they can pursue what might be better creative opportunities elsewhere.

According to a new report from PWInsider, Dolph Ziggler might be the next WWE star leaving the company, as evidenced by the past several weeks.

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Ziggler was last seen on WWE TV being brutalized by his former tag team partner Drew McIntyre after a Steel Cage match on Raw, and Ziggler has not been on the road with WWE at TV or live events since the angle took place.

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Additionally, the PWInsider report notes Ziggler recently turned down an offer to become an agent/producer in WWE, which has lead numerous people backstage to believe Ziggler might be finishing up with the company. Ziggler will also be starting a comedy tour in the very near future, but as of this writing, WWE sources indicate he remains under contract with the company. Should Ziggler indeed leave WWE, January 31st appears to be his likely exit date.

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It’s worth noting that Dolph Ziggler has fueled rumors in the past of leaving WWE, only to return to the company, and he has toyed with the media when asked about his status, telling PWInsider last August, “I’ve also heard about several different contracts that I signed but I didn’t sign. So…I’m giving you a comment. I’ve been doing some great work and looking forward to doing what I do and Sunday or Monday, we’ll see what direction we’re heading in afterwards.”

With the emergence of All Elite Wrestling, talent movement within the pro wrestling world is likely going to get very interesting in 2019, as it is also a realistic possibility that some of the talents named in recent days simply could be using the threat of joining AEW to leverage better deals with WWE. Smart talents know that WWE is not looking to lose valuable players to competition right now, especially not to AEW, and that might allow talents the opportunity to express their creative frustration in hopes of landing bigger money offers from top WWE brass.

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