Dr. Coyotes and Mr. Howler

We saw two different Coyotes teams this week. Thursday may have been rock bottom for the Coyotes while Saturday was probably one of their best games. Yes, the Coyotes scored five goals on Thursday but the defense was non-existent and allowed Columbus to score seven goals. Whatever happened Thursday night resonated with them and they came out strong and shut out the Islanders 1-0.

We aren’t going to dwell on the Columbus game. Let’s just hope it never happens again that they have learned from it and will move one.


OEL scored the game winner and only goal in the Islanders game. And he actually seemed to play defense. He seemed to have forgotten that important detail this season. Domingue earned his first NHL shutout. The team as a whole played a much more physical game. They always seem to play better when putting up big hits.

Hanzal returned to the lineup on his giveaway night. (I still don’t understand these mini locker things. What happened to bobbleheads??). He played a great game and did not take any stupid penalties.

I hope this Coyotes team sticks around. It was a fun game to watch. The team played well and they earned the win.

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