Duck for Dinner

Wednesday night’s game was the type of game we all hoped for in the off-season. It was fast paced, exciting and, of course, the Coyotes won. The Coyotes are now 3-0 against the Ducks this season and Domi/Duclair keep racking up points/goals against the Ducks.

Vermette also opened his scoring in a big way, with two goals. He had been without a goal until Wednesday’s game. Maybe wearing the A was the boost he needed.

“That was probably the best game he’s played all year and not just because of the goals,” Tippett said. “He was really engaged in the game. Hopefully that’s a good step for him.”

Doan rested for Wednesday’s game with a lower body injury. I like that he realized it was best to rest. I’d rather have a player at 100% than trying to play injured. Playing injured can be a detriment to you and your team.

Duclair apparently likes to score against the Ducks. Wednesday night was his 5th goal against them, in three games. Domi got an assist on Duclair’s goal and has now gotten a point in each game against the Ducks as well. I guess no one likes the Ducks, especially now that Getzlaf tried to make an excuse and blame the Coyotes’ fans. Apparently he can’t play in a “quiet” away arena. I don’t remember Anaheim being an especially loud arena, except for that damn fog horn. If you want a loud arena, go to the Garden.

Tonight the Coyotes take on Calgary on ThrowBlack Friday. Dave Tippett goes for 500 wins as head coach. The Coyotes will wear their black retro jerseys tonight.

“It was an awesome experience,” Murphy said of last year’s game. “I wish we got to wear those jerseys more. They look unbelievable and obviously the fans like them. I remember seeing lots of the old-style jerseys in the crowd that night.” 

Will you be at the game tonight?

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