Ducks 3, Coyotes 1

Some quick thoughts on last nights game…
Jovo: Wow, did not see that coming. I only had to say damnjovo a couple of times. I did say OMG was that Jovo? a few times. The guy had a great game, with only one turnover at the blueline. For as much as he messed up last year, I can still give the guy a chance. Hopefully this continues throughout the season.

Sauer, well he pretty much was the cause of the first goal. He knocked into a duck and sent the puck behind Bryz, who then kicked the puck into the net. After that though, Sauer came together. He had some big hits and he has some good chemistry with DMo.

As far as the lines go, our second line was by far the best. They had so much chemistry and got our only goal. Carcillo-Turris-Boedker. Wow, I think Fridge just lost his spot on the second line. You can not deny that this was the best line out there. Speed, toughness, chemistry. So impressed. Carcillo got the only goal and had the Ducks goalie (a former coyote at that) not been on, he would have had the hat trick. Turris can just pass and find his teammates like no other. I was a little worried about Boedker but not after last night! The kid has speed and he just worked so well with those two.

Now, the top line will be amazing too once they get used to playing with each other. Doan is just a monster. Oh, there’s a player in front of me? I will just go right through him. Jokinen skates so well. Mueller, well he passed way too much last night. I think he thought he was back at center and trying to set everyone up. This line has amazing potential though. They just need to keep working with each other. Hear that Gretz: No line juggling yet!

Winnik and Tiki looked good. Neither guy was afraid to battle anyone for the puck. And wow Tiki, didn’t know you were willing to throw yourself in front of the puck so much! Welcome to the NHL, you earned it!

McGrattan needs to keep moving his feet. He is too big of force to get going quickly from a dead stop. He looked nervous last night, like he wasn’t sure what to do with all his ice time. I think the coyotes expect him to be a regular player unlike Ottawa who gave him a 2 minute ice time average. They have been pushing him in practice (and he’s looked good there). Hopefully he can step up.

Ahhh, the power play. WAY too much passing going on there. When guys had open lanes to shoot, they would pass. When they had 4 players blocking the shooting lane, they’d shoot. At one point I yelled out, “You know how to pass now show us you can shoot!” Other than that, it was looking like it could have potential. They were cycling, setting up and then passing. Even Hale didn’t do too bad on the PP (he also did ok as Jovo’s partner – which by the way I like Z and Ahnelov together, Z got to jump into some plays!).

Let’s see, the guy behind me was an idiot trying to sound like a hockey pro to his buddy. He obviously didn’t know much about the coyotes because at one point he said that “that guy should be sent down”. That guy was Shane Doan. Yup, we are going to send down our captain, one of best power forwards and one that has been in the NHL for like 10 + years. Good idea! I want that guy behind the bench. He was obviously a loser as he kept saying his daughter was going to be a Red Wing fan (umm, I just threw up a lil in my mouth). She is going to be a Red Wings fan damn it! Oh how I hate parents who try to force their kid into liking the team that they do. Let them pick which teams they like. My parents did. I’ve been a suns fan as long as I can remember and I grew up in Wisconsin. They never forced me to be a Packer fan or a bucks fan. It’s kind of like parents who force their kid into activities they like. Have them try everything and then let them pick what they like. Ok end of rant.

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