Durwyn Lamb Returns to the Ring


It’s safe to assume that the majority of boxing aficionados here in North Texas are well aware of who Duwyn Lamb is.  The Fort Worth native has quickly garnered a reputation as being one of the most respected young trainers in the state and his stable of fighters are wildly regarded as some of the more impressive talent to fight out of the DFW Metorplex.  But while Lamb has quickly garnered a reputation as corner man, what may not be as universally known is his desire to be a professional fighter.

With a black belt in American Martial Arts along with his training in taekwondo, tang-soo-do, aikido, and judo, it’s easy to envision Lamb wrecking havoc in the caged confines of modern day mixed martial arts (MMA).  It’s a vision that Lamb freely admits to one day fulfilling, but first, he has his eyes set on the glory of professional boxing.

Lamb made his professional boxing debut quietly last month on the undercard of an Ann Wolfe promoted boxing card in Austin, Texas.  Lamb and Wolfe share a special kinship, and friendship forged by a shared understanding of the hard knock lumps life can give you.  But despite that special bond, Wolfe did Lamb little favor in matching him in his first professional fight.  Talking the fight on short notice, Lamb boiled his over 6 feet tall frame down to the lightweight limit of 135 pounds.  Lamb willed his body to drop over 15 pounds in about a week in order to make the contracted weight.

As if that wasn’t daunting of a task in itself, Lamb was dealing with a myriad of personal issues not to mention a hurt shoulder due to a car accident days prior to the fight.  Yet, in spite of the mental and physical roadblocks life had chose to throw at Lamb, like any modern day warrior he decided to soldier on.  Facing Lamb on this night would be Jerome Sustaija, an experienced amateur boxer and trained by none other than Wolfe herself.

In light of some very daunting odds Lamb made a respectable showing of himself.  Using his edge in speed to repeatedly catch Sustaija coming in with sneaky counters left hooks, though cutting the weight dramatically fatigues Lamb through the later rounds.  But while Lamb had his moments in the fight, in the end the judges awarded the majority decision to Sustaija.  It was a heart wrenching loss, and a clearly disappointed Lamb vowed to come back stronger than ever.

This Saturday night Lamb will have the opportunity to right the wrongs that befell his last contest when he faces Damon Philips.  The bout will take place on another Wolfe Promotions card taking place in Bastrop at the Mayfest Hill Show Pavilion.  Lamb is confident going in to the fight.  This training camp was devoid of the bullshit that surrounded his professional debut, and Lamb claims to be in the best shape he’s ever been in.  Possessing a mixture of heart, guile, and toughness, a focuses Durwyn Lamb is a dangerous thing.

Wolfe Pack Promotions

Those interested in attending Saturday night’s event can log on to www.annwolfe.com for ticket information.

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