Dustin Johnson Earns Over $30 Million In Seven LIV Golf Events

Dustin Johnson LIV Golf
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DUSTIN JOHNSON certainly won’t be regretting his move to LIV Golf anytime soon. Since leaving the PGA Tour for the Saudi Arabi funded golf league, ‘DJ’ has accumulated around $31.6 million in prize money. It’s safe to say Johnson won’t be worrying where his next paycheque is coming from!

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DJ Earns $31.6 Million In Just Seven LIV Golf Events Since Leaving The PGA Tour

Saying that Dustin Johnson has made a fruitful start to his LIV golf career would be a bit of an understatement.

Johnson made the move from the PGA Tour to LIV Golf earlier this year, which has caused a huge divide in the professional game between the two tours. Other big name players such as Brooks Koepka, Cameron Smith, Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau have also made the move to the Saudi Arabia funded golf league.

It’s fair to say Johnson wasn’t exactly struggling to make a dollar on the PGA tour. In fact, Johnson is in the Top 5 highest earners in PGA Tour history. Given the fact the American has won two major championships and countless other tournaments, the prize money he had already accumulated was astronomical.

However, since joining LIV Golf it’s fair to say his wealth has stepped up to another level. In the first seven tournaments of LIV Golf, Johnson has earned a reported $31.6 million in prize money. Quite mouth-watering numbers for just playing 21 rounds of golf.

It’s not as if Johnson was struggling on the PGA Tour either. He was still widely regarded as one of the best players in the world, and still clearly is one of the best, even if the Official World Golf Rankings don’t reflect that.

DJ’s earnings since joining LIV Golf are quite mind-boggling. He has reportedly earned $31,637,767, which works out at $4,519,681 per event he has played in. This means that each round Johnson has played, he has earned $1,506,560.

Here is the full breakdown of DJ’s astronomical LIV Golf earnings:

To put this in perspective, winning The Masters, which is arguably the biggest golf tournament in the world, earned Scottie Scheffler around $2.7 million earlier this year. Johnson has earned more in 36 holes of golf at LIV that Scheffler did for winning the biggest golf tournament on planet earth. Try and get your head around that.

Another comparison you can draw is between Johnson’s LIV Golf earnings and Tony Finau’s PGA Tour career earnings. Finau is widely regarded as one of the best players in the world without a doubt, but the difference in earnings is quite appalling really.

In his full professional golf career, Tony Finau has played in 216 PGA Tour events. This has equated to $31.5 million in prize money for the American. An unbelievable sum of money and more than Finau will ever need. But compare that to what Johnson has earned in seven events at LIV Golf and it is literal peanuts. Chalk and cheese.

The fact Dustin Johnson has earned more money in seven tournaments with LIV than Tony Finau has in his who career is utter madness. It just shows how much money LIV Golf are prepared to pay their players and pump into the sport.

It’s safe to say that DJ won’t be asking to borrow $10 from a friend anytime soon!

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