Eagles Only Mock Draft (Version 1)

corey davis

Round 1 (14 overall) WR Corey Davis, Western Michigan

The Eagles signed Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith on the first day of free agency, but they were only signed to one-year deals. Smith has options to play in 2018 and 2019, but that will be determined by the way he plays this year, of course. Receiver is still a big need on this team even with the signings. Howie Roseman has said that he wants Carson to have weapons around him and drafting Davis would definitely do that. Having a receiver core with Alshon, Matthews, Smith, Davis and Agholor could be special plus put into fact that the Eagles also have Zach Ertz and Darren Sproles. The Eagles passing game could quickly turn around in one year. Do the Eagles need to address other needs before receiver, yes, but the Eagles also can’t miss in the first round and I have Corey Davis as the best player available when the Eagles are up.



Round 2 (43 overall) CB Marlon Humphrey Alabama

Humphrey is one of the better corners in the draft class and he tested it very well at the combine. He ran a 4.41 40-yeard dash which was sixth for all cornerbacks this year. Just because Humphrey can run fast doesn’t mean he won’t attack you in the open field. The way he is able to help against the run might be his most unique trait. He will not be out worked by a blocker. He will find the ball and he is able to strip it loose. Humphrey forced three fumbles last year for the Crimson Tide and had 13 passes defended. Humphrey might need time to grow into a true number one corner, but everything you see from the kid will excite you as a fan and coach. He’s a hard worker and comes from a great background.


Round 3 (74 overall) RB Joe Mixon Oklahoma

First off, before I talk about Mixon as a football player there is character issues that surround him. Mixon would probably hear his name called in the first round if he hadn’t punched a girl in the head in 2014. Mixon was suspended the entire 2014 season, but received a redshirt from Oklahoma. Don’t get me wrong, things like this are not what I like to see, but Mixon is the one that wanted the video to be released to the public and that shows me that he has grown from this since. Howie Roseman said, “we quick to judge players on their past” so you can’t rule out Mixon to the Eagles to any degree. Just last year the Eagles took three players in the draft that had “character problems” they were Wendell Smallwood, Jalen Mills and Alex McCalister.

Now, to the football side for Mixon. Mixon can affect the game in all ways. He has average vision, speed to take the ball the distance, and has great hands. Mixon has great burst and when he finds the hole he will take it all the way. His build allows him to take hits and keep going. Arm tackles don’t bring Mixon down and his footwork is the best in the class. Lastly, the way he is able to block as a running back isn’t always seen from players young as Mixon and that is what makes him a three down back in this league.


Round 4 (118 overall) CB Jourdan Lewis Michigan

Lewis stands at only 5’10” which is what makes him a mid-round pick. Lewis won’t be an outside corner in the league, but he has foot quickness to be able to play the slot at the next level. He is one of the better man-to-man cover corners in this class. Not sure if he will last this long in the draft, but the way Lewis plays is exactly what Jim Schwartz wants. Lewis plays with a lot of confidence and he is aggressive to the point that he will jump passes. Sometimes he gets burnt of those mistakes, but Schwartz wants corners to make plays and be quick minded. Lewis would be the slot from day one he steps on the field.


Round 4 (139 overall) G Isaac Asiata Utah

Asiata plays into the Eagles favor with him having experience starting at both guard positions and even at center while at Utah. The Eagles seem to like interior linemen that can be moved around. The Eagles currently have a log jam at both guard and center, but that would only lead me to believe one guy is moved. The odd man out seems to be Jason Kelce even though Howie Roseman has said he won’t be released. I think Kelce almost has to be traded sometime soon since the Eagles seem to like Isaac Seumalo at center. Asiata would likely sit most of his rookie year, but with a year under his belt could make him into a starter and replace a guy like Allen Barbre. Drafting lineman isn’t a bad thing to do and Asiata could pan out to be a steal in this draft. I would take a risk and pull the trigger. It’s always nice to have good depth players on the offensive line.


Round 5 (155 overall) DT Charles Walker Oklahoma

Walker is an interesting story. Talented is an understatement for Walker. Only started a few games at Oklahoma and actually left the school this year with two games remaining because he wanted to focus on getting drafted. His overall character is in question and he isn’t known as a hard worker, but that doesn’t mean the NFL isn’t interested by any means. With the right coaching Walker could turn into a force to be wrecking with. The most intriguing part of Walker’s game is his speed. He ran a 4.96 40 at the combine and with that speed he will be able to catch running backs in the back field. Walker is an interesting prospect to say the least and with the Eagles losing Bennie Logan in free agency Walker could help and even turn into a starter.


Round 6 (194 overall) WR KD Cannon, Baylor

Cannon is nothing more then a athlete. He ran a 4,41 40 which I’m told is fast. He will definitely be able to stretch the field and he could be the replacement for Torrey Smith in  a year if things don’t work out. Practice Squad is where he will end up to start the year as he needs to learn to run better routes. With his speed though you can’t really over throw him and he is great at tracking a ball when it is in the air. I would take a shot on Cannon because why not? The Eagles need receivers and Cannon could actually turn into a valuable part of this team in a year or two.


Round 7 (230 overall) EDGE Garrett Sickels, Penn State

Usually a guy that leads the Big Ten in quarterback pressures would be higher on people’s boards, but that’s not the case for Sickels. Sickels is only effective as a passing down edge rushers and even then you can see him get bullied while he is trying to get to the quarterback. Sickels won’t be out worked and he rarely gets tired in games. Uses his hands better then most give him credit for. Might need a year on the practice squad, but he could turn into an effective pass rusher in the NFL.



Round 1: Corey Davis

Round 2: Marlon Humphrey

Round 3: Joe Mixon

Round 4: Jourdan Lewis

Round 4: Isaac Asiata

Round 5: Charles Walker

Round 6: KD Cannon

Round 7: Garrett Sickels


-Sean Brennan







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