Eagles Rumors: Could DeSean Jackson Come Back To Philly?


DeSean Jackson got run out of town by Chip Kelly and his large ego. Jackson went to one of our divisional foes, the Washington Redskins. His first season there was pretty successful for D-Jax. He had over 1,000 yards and 6 touchdowns and was continuing his pattern of producing at a high level. However, last season he was banged up and only had 528 receiving yards in 10 games, and found the endzone 4 times. This year, although the season is still young, Jackson’s struggles have continued. He only has 278 yards, 1 touchdown, and 18 receptions in 5 games. Low numbers for a guy who was once one of the top receivers in the NFL. Keep in mind, Jackson is still in his 20s. In fact, he’s 29, and still in peak physical condition.

Here’s the catch: DeSean Jackson is a free agent after the season, and I would be lying if I said Philly doesn’t look like a good spot for him to land. Our receiving core isn’t up to par with other good teams around the league, and signing Jackson would fix that. Right now Jordan Matthews is the only serviceable receiver who can be considered a 1 or 2 wideout in today’s NFL. Agholar, Green-Beckham, and Huff aren’t fully developed yet. I believe they will all become better. I truly think Green-Beckham and possibly Agholar have start potential, but the fact of the matter is they aren’t close to be stars yet and this Eagles team is good enough to try and win now.

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Since he’s in his contract year, Jackson was asked about his future–specifically about returning to the Eagles. He answered by stating, “You never know what can happen.” I hope Howie goes hard for D-Jax, because a return for the former Eagles deep threat would really help stretch the field and open things up for the rest of the offense. He may be starting his decline in the upcoming year or two, but Jackson will still remain a very solid asset, and for this team, I would consider him a very necessary asset. For the right contract, I think the Eagles should bring him back.


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