‘Elimination Chamber’ 2021 Results And Review: Edge Makes His ‘WrestleMania’ Decision, New Champions Crowned, And More


WWE Elimination Chamber took place at Tropicana Field inside the WWE ThunderDome in St Petersburg Florida. The show featured two Elimination Chamber matches. One for the WWE Championship and one where the winner of that match will face Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship later on in the show.

The show kicked off with the #1 Contender Elimination Chamber match. Daniel Bryan and Cesaro started off the match.

King Corbin came out of the pod next.

Sami Zayn was out next but tried to keep himself in there until Cesaro got him out.

Cesaro Eliminated King Corbin

Kevin Owens came out next.

Jey Uso came out as the final entry.

Kevin Owens Eliminated Sami Zayn

Jey Uso Eliminated Kevin Owens And Cesaro

Daniel Bryan Eliminated Jey Uso To Win The #1 Contender Elimination Chamber Match

Roman Reigns came out for the Universal title match as Daniel Bryan was trying to get back to his feet.

Roman Reigns Defeated Daniel Bryan To Retain The Universal Championship

Roman was celebrating the win until Edge came out of nowhere and speared him. Edge pointed at the WrestleMania sign.

Bad Bunny was talking to Sonya Deville backstage. She praises her performance on SNL. Miz comes up to him to congratulate him on the SNL performance but then asks what is he doing here. Bunny says he is a champion and asks what he is doing here since he is not a champion. Miz pushes him but then Bunny slaps him. Miz was about to attack Bunny until Damien Priest confronted Miz. Miz leaves.

Riddle Defeated Bobby Lashley and John Morrison To Win The United States Championship

Kayla Braxton interviewed Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks backstage. Kayla talks about the tag match and asked if they will co exist. Reginald interrupted saying they will be the new Women’s Tag Team Champions. She compliments Sasha and offers her his wine. Bianca tells Sasha after tonight they can toast to her decision too. Bianca went out to make her entrance.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler Defeated Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair To Retain The Women’s Tag Team Champions

Bianca and Sasha yell at Reginald for costing them the match.

MVP was seen talking with The Miz backstage.

The WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match started off with Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton.

Drew McIntyre came out next.

Kofi Kingston came out as the next entrant.

Kofi Kingston Eliminated Randy Orton

Sheamus entered last after Omos got Styles out of the pod early.

Sheamus Eliminated Kofi Kingston

Drew McIntyre Eliminated Jeff Hardy

AJ Styles Eliminated Sheamus

Drew McIntyre Eliminated AJ Styles To Win The Elimination Chamber Match And Retain The WWE Championship

Bobby Lashley speared Drew McIntyre after the match. Lashley attacked McIntyre all around ringside. Lashley put the Hurt Lock on McIntyre and slammed him down.

Miz came out and cashed in Money In The Bank on Drew who was trying to get back to his feet.

The Miz Defeated Drew McIntyre To Become The NEW WWE Champion

The show went off the air as The Miz celebrated with the WWE Championship.

Overall Review: Well this was a show. Simply put a show that is taking a confusing turn through the Road to WrestleMania. The beginning of the night started out what I had expected it to be and that was the #1 Contender’s Elimination Chamber match. I thought it was definitely the best Chamber match and the best match in general on this show. I knew it was going to be either Daniel Bryan or Cesaro winning it. I thought for sure it would be Cesaro but Daniel Bryan won it which I had no problem with it especially what went down afterwards with Roman retaining over him. Edge revealing he will face Roman I thought was too soon. I had expected Roman to force Edge somehow to face him but he’s facing him. I’ve always said it should be Edge and Roman at Mania and I’m glad that is happening. The Triple Threat match for the U.S. title was a solid match. I thought Riddle winning the title was okay. He has a title win under his belt now which is cool but I’m still not a fan of the goofy character they made him. The Women’s Tag Title match was what it was. I’m surprised they had Sasha take the pinfall to have Shayna and Nia win but I guess they had to do something with Reginald distracting them to make it a dirty finish. I get that part but it didn’t do much for me, it just felt like this match was just there. The WWE title Elimination Chamber match was pretty good as well. I was surprised they didn’t do some kind of tease from The Fiend to get Orton eliminated in the match. The way Kofi eliminated him was kind of dull. It didn’t look like he rolled him up all the way enough to get a pin on him. The way AJ Styles entered the match was cool. Drew winning was pretty much what we all thought was going to happen and I did like how Sheamus got eliminated so it seemed like Sheamus could possibly beat Drew when they face one on one for the title. That was until what happened after the Chamber match. So Lashley attacks Drew which was because he was frustrated with losing the United States title. When Lashley was beating him up, I started to get scared of what would happen. And my worst fears became reality. Miz cashing in Money In The Bank and winning the WWE title for the 2nd time left me confused and frustrated. Why would they put the Money In The Bank contract back on Miz when he cashed it in at TLC? Why would they have him successfully cash in when they have protrayed him and Morrison as a joke? I have so many questions on why they would go this route. The only thing I can come up with is that McIntyre wins it back the next night on Raw or at Fastlane. Even if that’s the plan, what the hell was the point of putting the title on Miz in the first place? Just to have him finally get rid of the briefcase? If that’s the reason, he should’ve cashed it in unsuccessfully. I don’t even know what else to say. That finish left a bad taste in my mouth. Overall, it was a solid show. The Chamber matches were good and so was the Triple Threat match. However, the ending to the show really brought things down for me and not too enthused on what’s left to come on this Road To WrestleMania.

Grade: 5/10



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