Eric Dickerson slams Rams’ proposed new uniforms

Fans have been critical of the Rams’ new uniforms, with one of their former players even putting them on blast.

Former running back Eric Dickerson is one of the greatest players in franchise history, and he’s still in the area, remaining connected to the team. But he hasn’t been all that positive about how the organization has been running things.

And he sure doesn’t like the new unis, either.

Dickerson shared how he feels about the Rams’ proposed uniforms during an appearance on AM 570 (Los Angeles).

“I just don’t like the stripe around the sleeve is not big enough, it almost looks like a lightning bolt like the Chargers uniforms,” he began. “I don’t like the stripe down the pants, I wish it was bigger. And the horns, man it’s horrible. I mean, it’s terrible. I feel like they really took away from the Rams uniform.

“It looks like the Chargers logo, it looks like a banana. It looks like two bananas is what it looks like … Like I told them, I said, ‘Man, look this is football. This ain’t nothing to do with surfing, this ain’t nothing to do with waves. This is football. This is a man’s sport.’ And to me, it just looks soft. It don’t look football. It don’t look hard.”

A banana, indeed.