Ex NY Jets QB Mike White To Sign With Miami Dolphins

Mike White

The New York Jets only have one quarterback officially under contract as of March 13, 2023.

He is Zach Wilson since the other 2022 quarterbacks are no longer on the roster.

35-year-old former Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco is a free agent, but the other Jets quarterback, Mike White, has been signed by another team.

White is signing a two-year contract with the Miami Dolphins worth up to $16 million.

White started seven games for the Jets in the past two seasons and earned a 2-5 record.

He completed 191 passes, 8 were touchdowns and 12 were interceptions.

White will back up Tua Tagovailoa in Miami and escapes the current quarterback hotspot of the world.

What About Aaron Rodgers?

There was so much speculation that an Aaron Rodgers trade to the Jets would be announced on Monday, March 13.

It is still possible, but there are mixed signals among NFL media professionals.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport is saying there is no deal yet between the Packers and the Jets to trade Rodgers.

NFL insider Trey Wingo is saying that there is a deal.

ESPN NFL insider and New York Jets fan Mike Greenberg is still waiting, as his wife Stacy shared on Monday afternoon.

Upside For Mike White

It appears that White would be the Jets’ QB3 if re-signed.

He could be the Dolphins’ QB2 since 2022 Dolphins QB2 Teddy Bridgewater is a free agent.

Lots Of QB Free Agents

No one could have predicted Mike White would be the second free-agent quarterback to get a deal in the early hours of free agency.

With Jacoby Brissett, Case Keenum, Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Marcus Mariota, and Carson Wentz still in the mix, some would have said White could have gone later.

The next to be signed could be Baker Mayfield given the number of teams reportedly interested in him.

His former team, the Los Angeles Rams, is interested; at one point, the San Francisco 49ers were also interested.

However, the latest frontrunner is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where Mayfield could compete with Kyle Trask for the starting job to replace Tom Brady.

Mayfield was previously linked to the Bucs in a potential 2022 trade following the Cleveland Browns’ trade for Deshaun Watson so this would not be a complete surprise.

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