Ex-WWE Superstar Big Cass Returns To Pro Wrestling As ‘Big Cazz’

Big Cass

WWE has always been known as the land of giants. That’s due to the company’s history of hiring seven-foot big men and pushing them to the moon.

It wasn’t until the rise of Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart that WWE decided to go smaller with the top guys. That move later led the way for talents like Rey Mysterio, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan to come in and become stars.

Fans tend to develop a much stronger connection to guys they can identify with and oftentimes, that does not include monstrous super heavyweights. But that doesn’t mean WWE is not still in the big man business.

Ex-WWE Superstar Big Cass Returns To Pro Wrestling As 'Big Cazz'
Photo: WWE

One former WWE big man is now finding his way on the independent wrestling scene. The Wrestling Observer is reporting that William Morrissey, who performed in WWE as Big Cass, will soon make his return to the business as ‘Big Cazz’.

Big Cazz will debut for Big Time Wrestling on Friday, September 21. The BTW event will happen in Spartanburg, South Carolina at the Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium.

As Big Cass in WWE, Cazz was part of an extremely popular tag team along with Enzo Amore. Following their split in June 2017, it seemed as though both men were moving in the right direction. Amore took the top spot on 205 Live while Cass was on his way to a main event spot.

Ex-WWE Superstar Big Cass Returns To Pro Wrestling As 'Big Cazz'
Photo: WWE

But he suffered a torn ACL in August 2017 and was out of action until April 2018. Cass was featured on TV when he returned but he had lost all momentum and never seemed to get back on track.

Cass received some heat for issues both backstage and in the ring. His last program in WWE was against Daniel Bryan before being terminated by the company in June. Cazz’s opponent for his Big Time Wrestling debut has yet to be announced.


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