The 10 best MLB players in July

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Los Angeles Angels
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With the MLB trade deadline officially in the rearview mirror, we’ve made it through one of the craziest times of the year, you guys. Now we can focus on the teams in playoff contention and the players that’ll impact them the most.

Baseball is a game defined by peaks and valleys, with the goal always being to maximize the peaks while minimizing the valleys as much as humanly possible. Plenty had an opportunity to make an impact in July, but some took more advantage of it than others. The following 10 players — five hitters and five starting pitchers — have managed to separate themselves from the pack in the best way possible over the last month.

For the hitters, we’re going to evaluate and rank their performances by wRC+, while we’ll be using Skill-Interactive ERA (SIERA) to do the same thing for the starting pitchers. SIERA will likely showcase a group of unexpected hurlers, but that’s the point — we want to get a little deeper than win-loss record and ERA to find out who is pitching well.

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