Fantasy Dreams 2011 – PJD’s Conference Championship Weekend Wrap Up
Down goes PJD, down goes PJD! OH THE HORROR! Well, it’s come to this. Like the Packers this past week, PJD got a little bit cocky. Can you believe it?! I know, I couldn’t either. I don’t know what went wrong. I blame it on the Tony Dungy strategy, where I rested a bunch of guys during the end of the season and fought for the number one seed so I could get the first round bye. Problem is, Aaron Rodgers went HAM during that bye week and then faced the SPOOOOKY Kansas City defense to one of his more pedestrian games of the year. Despite these efforts, he still put up 17 points. The rest of the team? 22. From an entire team. You know how many points Drew Brees put up in our fantasy league against the Vikings? 37. By himself.

Yup, game over. And while I don’t enjoy being a NERD who loses fantasy football games, I can now support the person that beat my team’s face in, for reasons explained after the jump:
PJD’s Shirtless Men vs. Wilf’s Stache: First, look at this stupid team that Wilf put out there last weekend. 37 points from Brees, 17 from Roddy White, 13 from Marshawn Lynch-Mob, 18 from CJ Spiller?!, and even 8 from that poop smear DeAngelo Williams. To hell with that guy. Wilf even left 9 points on the bench with old familiar, Nate Burleson. Unbelievable. He could ONLY put up 103 points during the weekend? I know in some leagues that’s not a big deal, but that’s pretty ridiculous when considering our scoring system. PJD got pimp slapped, hard, and I deserved every bit of it. Ouch. The worst part? He essentially predicted this ass kicking the week prior (see comments), and got all bossy telling me what sized shirt he wears. A woman’s medium? OK dude, but quit telling me it’s for your “wife,” OK?
Parole Models vs. Cheeseheads: On the other end, Parole didn’t fare much better, although her loss looks not nearly as bad somehow when the opposing team doesn’t drop a Benjamin Franklin on you. However, we both learned that 39 points just won’t cut it when you’re trying to win a game to get into the fantasy championships. At least Parole went out with a band when she dropped this trash talk in the game thread:

  • I haven’t been left this bruised and swollen in at least 3 days.

Well played. Fisting? I bet it was fisting. Or attending a Vikings game. Same difference. While Cheese left 40 points on the bench, he didn’t really need them as he still started Tom Brady, Julio Jones, and Dez Bryant. Nice line-up. BUT IS IT CHAMPION WORTHY?!

Playoff Bracket: As we can all see here, IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS. One final game for all the t-shirts in the world (or, legal fine print, one t-shirt purchased for you out of the PJD merchandise shop). So far, I’m obviously more impressed with Wilf’s run to the final game. He was always on the cusp of division greatness during the season, and then when he finally did sneak in, knocked off the two highest point getters in the league this year in SHIVA and PJD’s. Not bad, douche. Cheese shouldn’t be slept on either though. He started slow and picked up his pace to the end of the season, securing the #2 seed and taking care of business last week. Now, he’s in prime position to win this league two years in a row. Yes, a Wisconsin fan may win a Vikings blog’s fantasy football league two years in a row. …. COME ON, WILF’s!!!!
Wilf’s vs. Cheese:  At a quick glance, this is a great game. You have QBs Brees and Brady going head-to-head. KILLA B’s COMIN’ AT YA! Good receivers in Roddy White and Dez Bryant, nice running backs in Marshawn and MJD, and two of the better tight ends in the game in Antonio Gates and Jason Witten. While both rosters look like either could go off for large games any week, my initial reaction based on current line-ups is to give the edge to Wilf’s. Cheese better hope Mark Ingram comes back and that he doesn’t have to rely of John Kuhn. Also, Tom Brady at Noon on a Saturday PROBABLY doesn’t matter, but I’m still taking my chances with Brees on a prime-time Monday night game, instead. Wilf is currently projected as the winner by 7, but there’s no way the game isn’t a close nail-biter. Both teams have players in Monday night’s Saints/Falcons game, so it should come down to that. A great way to end the league. I’ll give the edge to Wilf’s, 64-62. YEAH, UP YOURS MILWAUKEE!

Best of luck to both of you. If anyone wants to request a t-shirt still, now is the time to do it. Consider it a late Christmas present! Enjoy the games, and cheer for the Vikings fan.

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