Farewell, Sweet Captain Planet


Farewell, Sweet Captain Planet

Yesterday, Andrew Ference announced his retirement from the NHL.

Ference had a pretty strange run with the Boston Bruins. He was traded to Boston, along with Chuck Kobasew, and was inching close to the “Jordan Caron Hall of Whipping Boys” stature. In 2010, he signed a 3 year contract extension worth $2.25M AAV. I distinctly remember freaking the fuck out and thinking the contract was shit. I thought Andrew Ference wasn’t worth that size contract (at the time) and boy was I wrong.

Ference got healthy and had a wonderful run in Boston during that new contract with his most memorable spot not being a victory, but a failure.

An equipment failure:


Ference later signed a four year contract with the Edmonton Oilers in 2013.

We have already done an Andrew Ference tribute. I know that Andrew won’t ever read this, but thanks for the memories. 2010-2011 was a hell of a run and something the city of Boston will never forget.


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