Fire Brand Has A New Home

Hello, all.
Yes, that’s right, Fire Brand of the American League is moving. We aren’t moving out of the organization, though! We’re just moving to All-Baseball. In case you didn’t know, I own MVN and All-Baseball has recently merged with us. If you look in the MVN navigation bar, you will see something that has a drop-down title of “All-Baseball.” If you drop that down, those are the other sites at All-Baseball that is over there and who I will be joining.
MVN and All-Baseball are still going to be kept relatively separate, but some MVNers (including myself) will move over to All-Baseball with replacements sliding into place for MVN. Those writers who will replace me on I think are SENSATIONAL and I think could end up being better than I can be. You’ll see them Monday, and you MUST bookmark not only my new site (link at the end) but keep this one! You won’t regret it.
All-Baseball has tons of name recognition, and our job is to still keep All-Baseball relatively separate and retain its name recognition while at the same time, get the name-recognition to MVN which is the true goal here. I don’t want anyone to think I’m leaving MVN and working on All-Baseball. That’s not the truth. I’m trying to get the benefits of All-Baseball to MVN. And what I’m doing and will do will have MVN’s best interests at heart. I built up MVN and I’m going to live to see the day it topples ESPN. All-Baseball gives us a big step forward to that goal.
Thank you to all the commenters, Sam, Boston Fan in Michigan, Kevin, Piney, and all the other people who have left a comment over time. I hope you join (and comment!) over at my new digs, and I hope all the commenters and potential commenters reading this also join me over at the new home for Fire Brand of the American League.
I’ll leave this website with an interesting note about Blaine Neal, who was the subject of my previous post. I asked Ducksnorts to tell me his take on Blaine Neal. Here’s what he had to say:
On what Geoff Young thinks about the trade: “Not real significant for either team. Neal has a little more upside but he’s also out of options. [Neal] came over from the Marlins last spring in a deal for RHP Ben Howard. He can be pretty intimidating on the mound. Throws mid-90s, not much movement. Command comes and goes. Sometimes catches too much plate and gets hit hard. I don’t know what Boston’s bullpen looks like, but I can’t imagine him being much of a factor. Generic middle reliever with the stuff to possibly become more than that. The Red Sox have to keep him on the roster or try to pass him through waivers. His stuff is too good for him to go unclaimed if that should happen. What’s the deal with Hyzdu? He looks like a pretty good hitter who has never gotten much of a shot.”
Not very optimistic about Neal, but we’ll see how it works out. He’s right on Hydzu, he’s similar to Gabe Kapler, but we needed more of a bullpen arm than a fifth outfielder (which we have in David McCarty).
So there you have it. Again, the new website is Fire Brand of the American League (click the red text). See you there, where later today I will have the Know Thy Enemy: Tampa Bay Devil Rays up!

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