Fire Weiss

I can’t muster any energy to care about the NBA right now, but man, the Sonics are brutal. They are getting run out of the gym again tonight. They have no flow, no rhythm, and the honeymoon for this group from last year is long over. Nothing like calling for the head of the main guy 5 games into a season, but when you are 1-4, and the inmates are sniping already? Weiss will be gone by Xmas.

Nice to see Derting will start and play on passing downs tomorrow! You knew that even on one leg that guy was going to be on that field. Boy would I love to see them win a game right about now. This has been a long, long, LONG season and that Grambling win felt like last summer!

Looks like I’m close to getting rockstar seats for the Hawks – Lambs game. I despise the Rams and I would LOVE to see them get buried on Sunday. I know that house will be shaking and the fans will be bananas for one of the best home field advantages in the NFL, in what was voted on as the #1 stadium in the NFL via the Sporting News! What a great place to watch a game.

Ok, hard as it is to say? Oregon beats us, 44-34. We just won’t be able to get a stop, Derting be damned. Sets up for one hell of an Apple Cup, huh? Who wants it less???? We’ll find out a week from now!

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