Flames and Rangers and Stars? Oh My!

Thursday night the Flames were in town. There was a pretty full house but I would say less than half were flames fans. They tried to cheer their team on but we drowned them out.

We were up 2-0 but because of damnjovo the flames were able to score their first goal. I think he was trying to pinch but all he did was trip over the Flames player. Jovo fell down, Flame makes play. Ugh, bad, bad play by Jovo. But does that really surprise anyone??

Scottie ran into a Flame behind the net and I thought he had twisted his knee. He tried to get up but couldn’t. The trainer and Adrian had to skate him off. The coyotes have since called up Boedker and it sounds like Uppy might be out awhile. 🙁

Game went to OT, then a shootout. I would like to note that I still hate shootouts. My other Fin Korps went first and of course it was a goal! Then the Flames missed. Then Lang/Pseudo was up. And of course SCORE! Then the Flames missed. Coyotes win 3-2!!!!


Last night the Coyotes beat the Rangers 3-2. I didn’t go to the game and I guess I missed a lot. There was the Teppo ceremony. They retired his number into the Ring of Honor. Then there was Sami’s first goal! WTG Sami!!!! I am a little sad I missed Sami’s goal. I have been waiting for it all season. I knew he had it in him and has been quite the offensive threat in the past. And Boeds even scored a goal in his first game up.


Tonight the Coyotes take on the Stars in Dallas. Let’s keep the wins going. Bryz will be back in net tonight.

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