Flip A Coin


I normally not shy to voice my opinion on things – that is why you read this blog, right (unless you’re only here to check out the teeth whitening ads)?  Normally my thoughts are pretty clear on an issue and I’m able to articulate them fairly easily.  However, trying to get a grip on who I think is going to win the UFC 105 main event between Randy Couture and Brandon Vera has muddled my thoughts.

I don’t have a clue who is going to win this fight.  But, apparently, I’m not alone, as the oddsmakers in Vegas pretty much have this match listed as a pick ’em.  It really seems to be a toss up.  Like I mentioned above, most times I’m pretty clear on what I think will happen and I write about it.  I’m not always correct, but at least I know where I stand.  But you could tell me The Truth or The Natural were going to win tomorrow night and I wouldn’t argue with you.

When this matchup was first announced I was non-plussed.  But now I’m interested and intrigued by it for the sole fact that the outcome is so much in question.  On one hand, you have Couture, a physical freak (did you see his body at the weigh in?!) who tends to always beat the odds.  But he is 46-years-old, just fought less than three months ago (and has taken a pounding in his last two fights) and hasn’t won a fight in over two years.  Then you have Vera, who is younger (but who isn’t compared to Couture?!), has a longer reach and has won his last two fights.  But, when the stakes are raised and the name of the opponent gets bigger Vera tends to disappoint (with the exception of his win versus Frank Mir).  So who do you go with?

I guess if pushed to make a prediction I’ll respect my elders and pick Couture.  But even as I was writing that I started to question myself.

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