Floyd Mayweather Next Boxing Exhibition Set At $40 PPV Price

Floyd Mayweather Boxing

Boxing fans in the US are outraged at the pay-per-view price set for Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition fight against Aaron Chalmers. ‘Money’ is set to have his first fight on UK shores as he partakes in yet another boxing exhibition at the end of the month. However, fans are not one bit happy at how much they will have to pay to watch the fight.

$40 PPV Price Set For Floyd Mayweather Exhibition Fight Versus Aaron Chalmers

The pay-per-view price has been set for Floyd Mayweather’s next exhibition fight. It’s safe to say that boxing fans aren’t too happy at having to pay $40 for the luxury of watching Mayweather against Aaron Chalmers.

The fight is set to take place at the O2 Arena, London, England on February 25th. The fight is another exhibition and has been set at a price of £32.26 for UK fight fans. This equates to $40 for any US boxing fans wanting to tune in to watch Mayweather’s latest fight on his exhibition circuit.

‘Money’ retired from boxing back in 2017, but has continued to make money from the sport through these meaningless exhibitions. The Michigan man has fought MMA stars, YouTubers and is now fighting a novice boxer with a reality TV background.

The fight has been billed ‘Royal Pain’ and is set to be aired on live streaming site – Zeus Network.

Boxing fans in the US will have to fork out almost $40 for the pleasure of watching one of the greatest boxers of all time compete in an exhibition against a raw novice who has more of an MMA than boxing background.

Hats off to Mayweather for continuing to earn millions of dollars from the sport despite being well into his 40s. However, paying $40 to watch a non-competitive exhibition is a bit too far.

Boxing fans have been left outraged at this scandalous price, but that shows you how much money Mayweather can make from these exhibitions. No doubt the former five-weight world champion will be making million for this non-contest against a man with limited combat sport experience.

Is it any wonder boxing fans are condemning this outrageous pay-per-view price.

Boxing Fans Outraged At $40 Pay-Per-View Price

As previously mentioned, it will cost US boxing fans almost $40 to watch Floyd Mayweather’s next exhibition fight. This is a similar price they had to pay to watch the likes of Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder three times, yet this isn’t a real fight. It’s safe to say that fans aren’t too happy with the PPV price.

It was announced yesterday that it would cost UK boxing fans £32.26 to watch this exhibition fight. That equates to $39.51 for US fans. This is an absolutely scandalous price for a fight that is ultimately non-competitive. Many fans have called this move disgraceful and shocking, with other fand laughing at the audacity of the pay-per-view pricing.

Lots of fans are predicting this fight to flop in ticket sales and at the pay-per-view gate. Here is some twitter reaction to how much the Mayweather vs Chalmers exhibition fight will cost to watch:

For Floyd Mayweather, he is hopeful of making a lasting impression on his first visit to the UK for a fight. The American boxing superstar will likely go in as an overriding betting favorite against Aaron Chalmers with the best offshore sportsbooks.

Write off the Englishman at your peril, however. He is far bigger than Mayweather and has beaten both boxers and MMA fighters before, so backing him as an underdog with the best sports betting apps could be a wise move.

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