Former Giants QB believes Jason Garrett will be ‘phenomenal’ for Daniel Jones

Jason Garrett’s tenure with the Cowboys was marred by disappointment, as the team’s former head coach just didn’t appear to be able to get the most out of his players.

Still, that doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s a creative offensive mind, and now he’s getting back to his roots with the Giants.

Garrett may just not have been cut out to be an NFL head coach, plain and simple. But an offensive coordinator job — where he can work with and groom a young quarterback — figures to be perfect for him.

And now that’s exactly what he now has with the Giants, a fresh start, and no responsibility with how the culture in the locker room is, or how motivated his players are. That’s for new head coach Joe Judge to manage.

If you ask former Giants quarterback Kerry Collins, it’s a great situation for Garrett. Not only that, Collins added that Garrett will be “phenomenal” for second-year quarterback Daniel Jones.

“For a young guy like Jones, who has obviously shown a lot of ability, Jason is gonna help him immensely, with everything,” said Collins, via the New York Post. “He’s not just gonna be an X’s and O’s guy, he’s gonna talk about that position and what it means to be successful. I’m really excited to see that combination.

“I’m sure Jason is gonna be heavily involved with Daniel’s development,” Collins added. “I just could not think of a better guy to have with Jones right now. His brains, the kind of guy he is, I think that match will be just absolutely phenomenal.”

We completely agree. Even though Garrett’s stock has dropped, he figures to be a great fit in New York, in this particular role.