Four Interesting Super Bowl Prop Bets Worth A Gander

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Since 1986 when they started, Super Bowl prop bets have continued to grow in popularity. Prop bets are a compelling way to add an extra layer of fun to Super Bowl Sunday. Prop bets allow you to wager on the quirky details and moments of the game, which may have nothing to do with the final outcome.

From the classic question of “heads or tails” in the coin toss to the duration of the national anthem to the unforgettable sight of a winning coach being drenched in a specific color of Gatorade, prop bets are the epitome of entertainment. But it’s not just about the frivolous side; prop bets can also be tied to the game’s events, including the highly anticipated MVP, the first touchdown scorer, and even the combined final score exceeding or falling below a set number of points.

We’ve picked out six of the more interesting and obscure prop bets for this Super Bowl Sunday.

Over 2.5 Players to Have a Pass Attempt (+154)

Four Interesting Super Bowl Prop Bets Worth A Gander

Entering the game, both Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes face challenges with their respective shoulder and ankle injuries. With the Eagles boasting the NFL’s top defensive line and the Chiefs relying on Chris Jones and George Karlaftis to lead their own, one of the two quarterbacks may need to step off the field for a brief period. But fear not, as both head coaches, Andy Reid and Nick Sirianni, have shown trust in their backup QBs, Chad Henne and Gardner Minshew, to take over if needed.

However, if both QBs manage to stay in the game, be prepared for a wild ride, as Reid and Sirianni are known for their aggressive play-calling tactics. The two coaches have a bag of tricks up their sleeves, including a potential “Philly Special 2.0” that they have been waiting to unleash in the biggest game of the season. So, buckle up; this game promises to be an action-packed, high-flying spectacle where someone other than a starting QB making a pass feels extremely possible.


Eagles Total Rushing Yards Under 149.5 (-144)

Despite favorable game scenarios for the Eagles’ rushing attack in two dominating victories over the Giants and 49ers in the playoffs, they have yet to reach their rushing yardage target. The upcoming Super Bowl is expected to present a more challenging game script for their ground game.

In fact, the Eagles have fallen short of their target of 149.5 rushing yards in 12 of the 19 games they have played this season. Based on this performance, this line should be adjusted closer to 142.5, reflecting a more accurate representation of the team’s rushing capabilities.

Eagles Over 2.5 Sacks (-150)

The Eagles have consistently demonstrated their dominance in the sack department, with three or more sacks in 14 out of 19 games this season, a remarkable 73.6% conversion rate. This impressive feat translates to odds of -279, making it a far better bet than the -150 being offered by the market. This feels like a great opportunity to take advantage of the market’s underestimation of the Eagles’ pass-rushing prowess.

Both Teams to Convert a 33-Yard or Longer Field Goal: NO (-124)

When it comes to the kicking game, the numbers speak for themselves. Harrison Butker of the Chiefs had a 53% conversion rate, successfully making a 33-yard field goal in 8 of the 15 games he’s played this season. On the other side of the field, Jake Elliott of the Eagles has a slightly lower success rate, with a 39% conversion rate for 33+ yard field goals made in 7 out of 18 games. The reality is both of these offenses have either made it into the red zone so often they didn’t attempt longer than 33-yard field goals or the kickers struggled from deep. Either way, No looks like a bargain.




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