Four Reasons Why The Kansas City Chiefs Can Win Super Bowl 57

Kansas City Chiefs

Practically everyone is picking the Philadelphia Eagles to win Super Bowl 57.

Few think that Kansas City has a good chance of beating the Eagles who have been the best football team in the NFL for the entire season.

On any given Sunday, things can happen, and the Chiefs are a serious threat in this game.

Here are four reasons why the Chiefs could emerge on Sunday as Super Bowl Champions.

1. The Chiefs Are Experienced

This will be the Chiefs’ third trip to the Super Bowl in the past four seasons.

They won in 2020, lost in 2021 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and are back in 2023.

That experience gives them the advantage in how to handle the overwhelming amount of demands placed on the players during Super Bowl week.

Whether it is media commitments or family members wanting tickets, it can be a lot to deal with in addition to preparing for the biggest game of the season.

2. They Are The Underdogs

By most accounts, the Chiefs are the underdog in this matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles.

This may be a comfortable place for this team to be, with the most pressure on the Eagles to win the game.

They are not expected to win the game so that could lead to freedom and confidence to accomplish the opposite of what people expect.

3. The Chiefs Are Used To Handling Adversity

The Eagles have pretty much sailed through the 2022 season.

There has been little to no adversity for this team.

Late-game heroics and coming from behind were not hallmarks of this team.

They were too good to get in precarious situations.

The Chiefs have experienced more adversity and pressure this season.

This was especially true with Cincinnati appearing to have the upper hand in their latest battles which is part of the reason Arrowhead was jokingly being called Burrowhead Stadium after Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow.

4. They Have Superstar Quarterback Patrick Mahomes

Some already believe Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is a future Hall of Famer.

He is only 27 years old.

Mahomes is finishing his sixth NFL season, three of those seasons ended in a trip to the Super Bowl.

He is a former NFL MVP and is capable of doing big things with his arm and legs to keep his team competitive.

The Chiefs can never be counted out so long as Mahomes is under center.

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