Fox News Lists White Sox Legend Frank Thomas As Dead In Their End of the Year Memoriam


According to Fox News, The Big Hurt Passed Away This Year, For A Bit.

Fox News issued an apology on Friday for a regrettable error in their “In Memoriam” segment, erroneously including Chicago White Sox legend Frank Thomas in the memorial despite him being very much alive. Fox issued a statement on the incorrect reporting.

“We need to quickly issue a correction in the In Memoriam feature that we showed just a few minutes ago. We misidentified the late Frank Thomas, the three-time All-Star for the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Frank Thomas we showed you unfortunately was also a former pro baseball player. He is very much alive. We apologize for that mistake.”

Well, That Was Awkard

The segment intending to pay tribute to the slugger, featured footage of Frank Thomas hitting a home run and speaking during his National Baseball Hall of Fame enshrinement. Unfortunately, an inaccurate caption reading “Frank Thomas, 1968-2023” appeared in the corner. The mix-up stemmed from the passing of a different MLB player named Frank Thomas on January 16, 2023. This particular Frank Thomas was a three-time All-Star with the Pittsburgh Pirates, having played decades before “The Big Hurt” made his debut with the White Sox in 1990. The Fox News anchor promptly addressed the mistake on air, issuing a correction.

The Two Frank’s

The older Frank Thomas, who played from 1951 to 1966, retired two years before the Hall of Famer’s birth. His career spanned seven different teams, showcasing versatility across various positions and notably contributing to the New York Mets’ inaugural team.

In contrast, the younger Frank Thomas, a powerhouse in his own right, retired from MLB in 2009 with 521 career home runs and two AL MVP awards with the White Sox. His first ballot induction into the Hall of Fame, with 83.7% of the BBWAA vote, solidified his legacy. After concluding his broadcasting career with Fox in 2023, he made subsequent appearances with Apple TV+ following the network’s recruitment of Derek Jeter. However, the renowned White Sox slugger, known for his outspoken nature, took the network to task for the error. In a tweet, Frank Thomas criticized the mishap as “irresponsible” and accompanied his words with a smiling picture of himself.

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