Francis Ngannou is About to get the Entire Bag to Box Tyson Fury

Francis Ngannou UFC Heavyweight Champion

Francis Ngannou is set to make a “life-changing” amount of money when he steps into the boxing ring against Tyson Fury in Saudi Arabia this October. According to his long-time representative Marquel Martin, Ngannou will make multiple times more money in one night against Fury than he did in his entire UFC career.

Ngannou’s UFC Contract Dispute Led to This Fight

Ngannou’s decision to box Fury came after a contract dispute with the UFC and signing with the PFL. The UFC offered Ngannou a new contract that would have paid him significantly more than he was making before. Ngannou refused to sign the new contract, and he eventually parted ways with the UFC because it wasn’t what he was asking for plus he wasn’t given the ability to seek boxing fights while under contract.

This Fight Is a Huge Opportunity for Ngannou

This fight is a huge opportunity for Ngannou. He has the chance to prove that he is the best heavyweight fighter in the world, regardless of whether he is fighting in MMA or boxing. If Ngannou wins, he will become a global superstar and he will be able to command even more money for future fights. Not many boxers with no professional or amateur experience will ever get the chance to box one of the best boxers in the world. He is seizing his opportunity to not only make a lot of money but to solidify his legacy as one of the best fighters on planet Earth.

Fury is the Favorite, but Ngannou Has a Chance to Win

Fury is the massive favorite in this fight, but Ngannou has a chance to win. Ngannou is a powerful striker, and he has the knockout power to put Fury away. However, Fury is a skilled boxer, and he will be difficult for Ngannou to hit. As Ngannou stated, Fury can run but if he touches his chin he can go to sleep. We have seen Fury get knocked down and almost finished by Deontay Wilder so that gives someone with massive punching power like Ngannou a chance to cause the massive upset.

This Fight Is a Must-See for Boxing and MMA Fans

This fight is a must-see for boxing and MMA fans. It is a clash of two of the most powerful heavyweights in the world, and it has the potential to be one of the most exciting fights of the year. Everyone will come out of the woodwork to watch this spectacle unfold and it has the makings to be one of the biggest boxing matches of this generation.


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