Frederik No!


Frederik Andersen decided he was going to go out and play the puck in their game against the Edmonton Oilers. Nothing unusual there, as goalies go out to play pucks behind the net all the time. Frederik Andersen just had to wait for the puck to leave the trapezoid.

Have you ever seen a European basketball game? They have a trapezoidal lane. I know this is a hockey blog, but I am a big fan of all sports, really, even the weird foreign ones. I like just sitting on my ass and eating snacks and watching people who are significantly more gifted than I have any concept of. I get the strategy, and like how coaches, long past their prime as players, can mold young players and use their inhuman talent at peak optimization. Oh, crap. Mold. Remind me to to clean my fridge

Oh, shoot. Frederik, the puck’s in the net now.

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