Fresh Meat


The Coyotes currently have five picks in this years draft, which takes place at the Staples Center in LA from 6/25 – 6/26. We have two first rounders, a second rounder and one each from round four and five. We do not have any picks in rounds three, six and seven.  What does this all mean? Really not much of anything. I can guarantee that GMDM will be wheeling and dealing come draft day, making something out of nothing.

Yes, this is what they look like at draft time…
(pic taken from

Our earlist pick will be 13th, thanks to a deal with Calgary. Our latest pick come in at 138th during round five.

This year I haven’t spent much time familiarizing myself with the draftees. Besides, it is unlikely we move into a top 3 (or even top 10) pick, where the much hyped kids will be picked. I’m not worried though. I know whoever GMDM picks will be fantastic and make perfect sense for his vision of where the Coyotes are headed.

If I had to guess, I would say we draft a couple good forwards, as we seem to be well stocked with defensive talent. If there is a goalie, it couldn’t hurt to pick him up.

As it gets closer to draft time, I will try to update with some info. The Coyotes usually post some good info on their site and I can gain some insight then.

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