‘Friday Night SmackDown’ (1/1/21) Review And Results: WWE Star Returns, Kevin Owens And Jey Uso Fight In The Main Event, And More

Friday Night SmackDown

Friday Night SmackDown took place inside the WWE ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St Petersberg Florida with virtual fans in attendance. It was the first show of 2021. Advertised for the show was Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks taking on Carmella and Bayley. Plus, Big E took on King Corbin and Roman Reigns makes a special request of WWE Management.

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Roman Reigns kicked off the show as he came out with Jey Uso and Paul Heyman. Paul gave Roman the mic. Roman wished everyone a happy new year. He said 2020 has been a rough year but as the Tribal Chief he made it work. Roman talked about saving Paul Heyman after getting discarded from Raw and says it has been the best year of Jey’s career since joining the team. He knows who Jey is and he is proud of Jey. Kevin Owens interrupted as he walked to the ring. Roman said Kevin had his time in the main event and he is done with him. Roman tells him to get out and that it is about their family. Roman said it’s Jey’s time to shine. Kevin said Roman and his family failed because he hasn’t ended him. He said Roman should be embarrassed that they went to extreme lengths to end him. He said he wants nothing to do with Roman tonight and wants to fight Jey. He tells Jey he will pay and when he is done with Jey, the family will have nothing to celebrate. Kevin dropped the mic and went to the back.

Big E Defeated King Corbin By DQ

Sami Zayn along with Corbin’s knights beat down Big E in the ring. Apollo Crews came to his aid and knocked them out of the ring.

Big E and Apollo Crews Defeated King Corbin and Sami Zayn

Kevin Owens confronted Adam Pearce backstage and demands he wants to fight Jey. He said he needs the match to happen. Adam said he can’t have Jey but anyone else. Kevin said he wants Roman then. Adam and Kevin argue and Kevin wants Jey in the ring bad. Adam finally caves in and says Kevin has the match with Jey.

Big E and Apollo talk about their win backstage. Kayla interviewed Big E and asked what people can expect from Big E in 2021. He said he will be a fighting champion and he is throwing out a Intercontinental Championship Challenge next week. Apollo said he accepts the challenge. They both laugh afterwards.

Billie Kay introduced Tamina as her tag partner but then Natalya’s music hit and it’s revealed that Natalya and Tamina will be teaming up instead of Billie Kay.

The Riot Squad Defeated Tamina and Natayla

Billie Kay celebrated with them but they got away from her.

Carmella and Bayley Defeated Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair

Roman sees that Jey Uso is facing Kevin Owens and is upset at WWE Management for it. He said that somebody doesn’t appreciate him and he tells Jey to find out who it is. Jey leaves to go look.

Sonya Deville showed up backstage as she walks past everyone who look surprised.

The Street Profits came down to the ring for a New Years Smoketacular. Dawkins tells 2020 to get out. Ford points out that they had a good 2020 as they won the tag titles, beat The New Day at Survivor Series and won two Slammy’s. They reveal a drum set in the ring. Dawkins started playing as Ford presented his 2021 predictions. Ford predicts their shirt for Sami Zayn will sell on WWE Shop and be the best seller. He also predicts Dolph Ziggler will get the name “The Heartache Kid.” Roode and Ziggler attacked them out of nowhere. Roode grabbed a chair and nailed Dawkins in the back with it. Roode and Ziggler attacked Ford’s leg with the chair. Roode and Ziggler left as Dawkins checked on Ford.

Karla interviewed Dolph and Roode about the attack. Dolph said they went to far for comparing him to Shawn Michaels. Roode said what happened to them is on their hands. Ziggler said they are the rightful champs and they want a rematch for the tag titles. Dolph claims they will not stop until they get the titles.

They showed footage of earlier in the day showing Daniel working out his hips on Otis by trying to lift him up. Shinsuke and Cesaro laugh at them. Daniel said this was to help him get ready for the Royal Rumble. Shinsuke said Daniel Bryan will not win the Rumble.

Daniel Bryan and Otis Defeated Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro

Paul Heyman tells Roman that Adam Pearce made the match. Roman tells Jey to show Kevin why he is the main event. Jey got up and made his way to the ring for his match.

Kevin Owens Defeated Jey Uso

Kevin continued the assault on Uso with another stunner. Kevin kept calling out Roman but Roman didn’t show. Kevin grabbed handcuffs from underneath the ring and handcuffed him to the ropes. Kevin super kicked Jey and started stomping him. Kevin kept calling Roman out as he kept beating down Jey. He released Jey from the ropes and brought Jey to the stage as he kept wailing on him.Kevin was about to jump off one of the aisle’s of the ThunderDome onto Jey until Roman attacked Kevin from behind. Jey and Roman beat down Kevin with steel chairs. Kevin tried to fight back but they continued to beat him down. Roman threw Kevin off the aisle and through a table. The show ended as Roman and Jey stared at Kevin who was unconscious and checked on by referees.

Overall Review: It wasn’t a bad show but I don’t think it was as good as most of the recent shows. The segments with Roman, Jey and Kevin were awesome as usual. With how they ended the show, I wonder what their next title match will be because there is no way it would be a regular title match. The Big E segments were pretty good but they did the whole interference which leads to tag team match formula which WWE does a lot. So it really wasn’t anything compelling. I appreciate highlighting the tag title feud with the Profits and Roode/Ziggler with a segment rather than matches but this feud doesn’t really need to continue. it just goes to show how thin the tag division on SmackDown is. I’m really happy to see Sonya Deville back in the fold and I’m eager to see what they do with her. Everything else was what it was.

Grade: 6/10

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