‘Friday Night SmackDown’ (11/27) Results And Review: Fallout From ‘Survivor Series,’ Daniel Bryan Faces Sami Zayn, And More

Friday Night SmackDown

Friday Night SmackDown took place inside the WWE ThunderDome at the Amway Center in Orlando Florida with virtual fans in attendance. It was the first show after Survivor Series.

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The show began with Jey Uso coming out to the ring. He said everyone should be talking about Roman Reigns defeating Drew McIntyre at Survivor Series. He was about to introduce Roman until Roman and Paul come out before he can finish. Roman berates Jey for helping him beat Drew at Survivor Series. Roman tells Jey that he failed to lead Team SmackDown at Survivor Series because they don’t respect him and Roman. Roman asks Jey if he looks at Roman as some coward in the locker room. Roman said that’s how Jey is making him feel. Roman leaves the ring. Jey was leaving as Otis came out for his match until Jey attacked him with a chair. Officials came down and stopped the attack.

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode mocking Otis for his weight and the attack by Jey. They challenged The Street Profits for the Tag Team Titles. The Profits came out to mock Ziggler for being a Shawn Michaels clone and mock Roode’s facial hair. The Street profits accept their challenge.

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode Defeated The Street Profits

Review: Pretty good match but I don’t see Ziggler and Roode being a legit tag team to take the titles from the Profits and it’s just not really feud I’m really exciting to see for the tag division.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Daniel Bryan backstage. She asked Daniel about his match with Sami Zayn. He calls Sami delusional about him being the greatest IC Champion. He claimed he will break his delusions and become IC Champ once again.

As they came back from commercial, Kayla interviewed Rey Mysterio and the family including Murphy. Rey talked about how glad he is that his feud with Seth Rollins is over. He compliments Aliyah saying how mature she is now. He says that Murphy is no ones disciple now. King Corbin interrupted trashing them for being a happy family. He tells Rey that he couldn’t pass Dominik Mysterio onto other talent and accuses Murphy of only joining the Mysterio Family so that he can live off Mysterio’s name. Corbin walked off laughing.

Sami Zayn came out to the ring. Zayn trashed everyone on the mic for stuffing their faces in turkey for Thanksgiving. He says Daniel has done nothing to get a title shot and reminds everyone he has beaten Bryan at WrestleMania. He blames WWE management for trying to sabotage him until Daniel comes out for their match.

Sami Zayn Defeated Daniel Bryan By Countout

Jey Uso attacked Daniel Bryan backstage. Kevin Owens came to his aid and got Jey off of him. Jey left. Kevin Owens tells the officials to take care of Bryan while he goes after Jey.

Review: Good match. It’s the kind of match you would expect them to have. I don’t know if they’ll have Bryan continue to feud with Sami or rival with Uso now due to the attack but I guess we’ll see.

Kevin Owens confronted Jey Uso and Roman Reigns that he is sick of how he has been using his family around SmackDown. He tells Roman that he treats his family like garbage. Roman tells Jey that he needs make Kevin fear him.

Bianca Belair Defeated Natalya

Review: Good match. It looks like they are having Bianca feud with Bayley which I’m all good with. It will really help Bianca get the push she needs.

Murphy Defeated King Corbin

Corbin went on the mic calling Murphy and the Mysterio Family spineless cowards. He wants a rematch with Murphy next week and says he’ll be prepared.

Review: It was okay. I’m glad Murphy got the win and he is being featured a lot more with this storyline but the match was still just average.

Big E and Apollo Crews were playing around backstage until Sami Zayn wanted them to leave for his interview. He bragged about beating Apollo like he did Daniel Bryan. Big E tells Sami that his house is a house of cards that will easily crumble down. Sami calls him bitter and tells Big E his IC title reign was forgettable. Big E grips Sami’s hand for 10 seconds as Sami was screaming in pain.

Carmella appeared in a video promo saying she will prove why she is the most dominant woman on the roster. She said she lost herself and lost it all because of her attitude. She said she calls the shots now. Carmella snapped her fingers fir her champagne glass until Sasha’s hand was shown with the glass. Sasha splashes it on Carmella and Sasha attacked her until Adam Pearce and officials broke them up.

Kevin Owens Defeated Jey Uso By DQ

Jey attacked Kevin Owens with a chair. Owens fought back with a Stunner after Jey cleared the announce table. Kevin started attacking Jey with the chair. Kevin yells at Roman saying he fears no one including him. He wants Roman to come find him if he has a problem with him. Kevin stunners Jey again. He sat y the announce table and said he’ll be waiting. The show went off the air as Roman watched backstage in disgust.

Review: Good match. The ending to the match wasn’t too bad but it definitely got me excited for a Roman and Kevin Owens feud for the Universal title.

Overall Review: This wasn’t a perfect show by any means but they had its moments like the Sami/Big E segment and Kevin Owens possibly being the next challenger for Roman after the ending to the show. Other than that, everything was kind of average.

Grade: 5/10


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