‘Friday Night SmackDown’ (12/4) Results And Review: Title Match Announced For ‘TLC,’ Tag Team Main Event, And More

Friday Night SmackDown

Friday Night SmackDown took place inside the WWE ThunderDome at the Amway Center in Orlando Florida with virtual fans in attendance. It was another show to build towards WWE TLC with segments such as Roman Reigns responding to Kevin Owens’ attack on Jey Uso from last week.

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The show opened with the entire roster including Vince McMahon, Sgt. Slaughter, Gerald Brisco and Bruce Pritchard all paying tribute to the late Pat Patterson on the stage.

Kayla Braxton was in the ring and introduced Roman Reigns out to the ring. Roman and Paul Heyman came out to be interviewed by Kayla. Kayla asks Roman about avoiding confrontation with Kevin Owens last week. Roman berates Kayla for asking a stupid question and says he is a protector not a manipulator. He asked for the next stupid question. She asked him if he is using Jey as a pawn. Roman says those are stupid words by stupid people. He says he is a provider and he provides Jey opportunities but he blows it just like Kayla is blowing this interview. Heyman talks about how the ratings has shown how important Roman is to SmackDown until Kevin Owens came out. Kevin said he wants to settle it with Roman right now. Jey tells him they run this show and they accept. Kevin said he was talking to the head of the table. He challenges Roman for TLC in a TLC match for the Universal title. Roman said they don’t back down to any man and don’t fear anyone. He accepts. He tells Kevin that the time and place is not now especially with a lady in the ring. He tells Kevin to grow up and leaves the ring. Kevin cuts Roman’s music to tell him he is not a gentleman but a bitch.

Jey Uso was telling Roman backstage that he had to step up with how Kevin was disrespecting them. Roman tells Jey there are consequences for everything he does. He tells Jey he still loves him and walks away.

Natalya Defeated Bayley

Review: Pretty good match. I wasn’t expecting Bayley to tap out to Natalya but I don’t have much to talk about with that. It just felt like it was there and not much of a story to really tell with Bayley’s feud with Bianca only that Bianca was making fun of her tapping out when Bianca beat Natalya last week. So we’ll see where that goes.

A tribute video for Pat Patterson was shown.

Big E, Daniel Bryan and Rey Mysterio Defeated Dolph Ziggler, Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn

After the match, they took Nakamura and Sami out of the ring leaving Dolph all by himself. Daniel dropped Dolph with an atomic drop, Rey hit the 619 and Big E finished him off with the Big Ending.

Review: Good match. It was cool to have the Intercontinental champs in one match to pay tribute to Pat Patterson and that’s pretty much all it really was.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Kevin Owens backstage asking about him challenging Roman and why he is doing this. Kevin said Roman was never a guy to have his own locker room but somehow that changed. He said it is disgusting why he is the way he is. Kalisto randomly interrupted the interview, passing by Kevin. Otis came up to him, saying he agrees with Kevin and said he doesn’t respect guys like them. He gets hyped to face them in the tag main event.

Michael Cole interviewed Carmella and Sasha Banks on separate screens. Sasha said she has something to say and said she has Carmella’s attention. She said she wants to settle it once and for all. Cole asked if they are more alike than they think. Sasha laughs at it. Sasha said she has known Carmella for a long time but Carmella needed help every single time. Sasha said Carmella will never be in her league. Carmella thinks Sasha jealous because Sasha worked her butt off but Carmella walked into WWE already going to the top. Carmella said she is superior in every way. She said she is the hot chick that’s going to take the title. Sasha announces that she will face Carmella at TLC for the title and promises that Carmella has never been in the ring with a badder bitch like her. Carmella says bye and disappears off screen.

King Corbin came out for his match with Murphy with Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler.

King Corbin Defeated Murphy

Review: Pretty good match. This feels like just another rivalry though and I don’t think adding Blake and Cutler with Corbin is going to make it any better but we’ll see what else they do with this.

The Street Profits hype up the main event of the show. They crap on Roman having his own locker room and not showing up to a birthday. party. Robert Roode and Cesaro came up to them to confront them for a tag title shot. All of them argue.

Roman did not come out with Jey as the tag team main event began which meant Jey was going at it alone. Roman came out late during the match.

Kevin Owens and Otis Defeated Roman Reigns and Jey Uso By DQ

Roman knocked Kevin out with the Guillotine Head Lock. Jey grabbed two chairs from ringside to bring to the ring. Jey and Roman beat down Kevin with the chairs. Jey splashed Kevin from the top with a chair on him. Roman gets pissed and nails Jey over and over with the chair. Roman tells Kevin that he has his attention now. The show ends with Roman standing over Jey and Kevin.

Review: Good match. I was confused though that there was no disqualification when Roman hit Otis with the steel steps but he got disqualified anyway when he came into the ring when he was not the legal man. That whole thing was out of whack.

Overall Review: This show was okay, not SmackDown’s brightest episodes. I do like they had a tribute for Pat Patterson and that 6 man tribute match and the interview with Sasha and Carmella was pretty good as well. A couple of the matches though like the 6 man tag and Corbin/Murphy went on longer than it should’ve.

Grade: 6/10


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