From a School Team Player to NBA

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In childhood, all of us dreamed of becoming a doctor, engineer, pilot, or astronaut but very few children thought about seeking a professional career in sport. Mostly because sports are not seen as full-time bread earner career path but is considered to be fun part-time entertainment. We look at sports celebrities all the time, we collect their posters in our dorms or rooms at some point in life but we have never aspired to become such people because maybe deep down we believe that it may not be possible to reach that kind of fame and popularity. This article is aiming at making you realize that you can have different problem solution essay topics and you can successfully deal with it.

To begin with, all celebs including sportsmen were kids who never gave up on their dreams. They had an indefatigable passion so made it through a difficult situation and made the most out of it. Some of them inspire problem solution essay topics that students write essays about.  Pursuing your dream regardless of what it requires a lot of hard work and perseverance. Let us explore how you can turn a school team player into a national hero so you should be able to follow the same routine and reach your goal of playing in the NBA team.

Figure out what you want

Every kid is told that studies are more important than playtime and a part of it is true. Every child is sent to school so that they can qualify for some kind of career, why it cannot be a sport. All schools have sports hours, their own teams for inter-school tournaments, and their own mascots but all of this is supposed to be restricted to a few hours of the day. Parents, however, should not try to suppress if their child shows greater interest or skills in sports, rather encouraging them may prove fruitful. Here child’s own will comes into play too as to what he or she actually wants because at times they may have the talent but do they have enough zest to pursue their desire. For example, some of the most famous NBA stars had a rough time dealing with the academic life once they started spending more time on practicing and had to put in a lot of extra hours of hard work to finish problem solution essay topics. Despite difficulties, they remained loyal to their goal of pursuing professional basketball and an inspiring essay could be written about them. If you want to be an NBA player with a degree then you have to work hard for it.

Here is what you need to do

If you have a passion for basketball, pursue it with a plan. There are several NBA players with degrees that may be your inspiration. They all have one thing in common – they always search for a balance between academics and sports so you can successfully draft amazing paper on problem solution essay topics on it. It is the NBA’s requirement that potential students must one year out of high school before they can be drafted.  Here is how you should start.

What kind of writing is important?

So how good are NBA players at balancing sport and studies? It is no enigma that anything can be achieved if you are able to strike the right balance in your life, it may be hard for students but you can reach it. First of all, get a planner and start writing things that need to be done. But of course you’ll have the tasks on writing while studying. So why not combine the necessary with the pleasant? Or why not ask the professionals online to help you with your writing? Also if you have an essay writing on problem solution essay topics then write down the due date so that you are able to meet it, if you have an extra hour of basketball practice write it down too not that you are going to forget it but it will get you into the habit of planning and acting according to it. This habit will gradually organize you which is vital for becoming a part of players college and will allow you to do things right on schedule. If you believe that you will not be able to submit your important problems solution essay then seek writing help from a reliable site and order online. The professional writers on trusted writing sites will even help you choose the best topics.

Practice is sacred

Secondly, as college players, you need to show up for practice every day. Your studies and hectic schedule will take a toll on you but you will beat the chaos by sticking to your schedule. If you want to be one of the NBA players with degrees then you need to treat practice as equally important as your classes. Think of it as your dual role at the job, you need to carry out one in order to have another. It is like getting a really complicated essay topic and you get a writer’s block but you do not give up, you find a way of restoring balance and just order a paper that will be delivered right on time. The difference between someone doing a 9-5 job and sports celebrities is that NBA players with degrees did not give up when things got hard. Consider Jeremy Lin as an example of how good are NBA players are at academics and sport, he is a famous American basketball star who was able to maintain an average of 4.2, which is tough enough even for students who are not pursuing the sport as a career. He could have made it to Harvard University if he wanted with those grades. Lin could serve as your role model, an example or inspiration for all players college reminding you to strike a balance and achieve whatever you want.  

Seek help

All professional players do this thing. Before questioning yourself ‘how good are NBA players at their game’, remember that they did it because somebody helped them. Striking a balance is no joke especially between immensely high educational standards and equally tough practicing routine. Search for online sites that offer solutions, order magazines, attend sessions, do whatever that is needed to be done in order to achieve your goal. Therefore, seek immediate advice from your mentors and coaches and they will guide you because everyone likes it when their college graduate gets on the NBA team.