Gabe Kapler is Baaaaack

I have a friend in Austin who just said that their sports station, The Ticket announced Gabe Kapler is back in Beantown.

Welcome back, Gabe. We missed you.

Thanks to Meredith for sending the following into me. She will also send the audiofile that The Ticket ran, so you can all listen to it.

I work for the Ticket and can send you the aforementioned audio, if you’d like. I think they said that he was back in Cali and was heading to Boston. The reason these guys (our afternoon show) are good sources is that they’re pretty close friends with Gabe. Last October they hooked me up with him, via phone, so I could thank him for making us Sox fans so damn happy.

Anyway, word is that since May Gabe has been trying to get out of his contract because he wanted to return to Boston.

They also mentioned something about a lifesize shirtless carboard cutout of Gabe in Millar’s locker. But that’s for another thread, I suppose…

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