Gabe Kapler’s Impending Return

Thanks to The Ticket for sending the audio of Gabe Kapler’s impending return to the Red Sox. Each segment is roughly one minute long. Click and have a listen…
1. “…and on the hook where Kevin Millar’s uniform was hanging, there was a life size poster of Gabe”
“Oh life size??”
“from the waist up, he was in his uh, he was wearing his baseball pants, with a belt, but no shirt, holding a bat.”

2. “But we’re not gonna lie to you, Gabe uh failed in Japan except getting a lot richer. Uhhh and now, all account- by all accounts as of, I think Friday, he will be a Boston Red Sock again. And he will be a happy, popular fourth outfield who will come on as a defensive change in the late innings…”

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