Gail Kim Supports ‘Controversial’ Name Reportedly Being Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame


WWE kicked off this year’s Hall of Fame inductee announcements with news that Degeneration X, comprised of Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Billy Gunn, Chyna, X-Pac and Road Dogg, will be entering the 2019 class.

This past week it was announced that The Honky Tonk Man, who is best know in WWE for his historic Intercontinental Title run, is the second name joining the class of 2019 inductees.

Degeneration x
Photo: WWE

According to WrestleVotes, two more names who will likely be revealed in the coming weeks as Hall of Fame inductees are Torrie Wilson and Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake.

“Torrie Wilson & Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake will be inducted as part of the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame class,” reads a Tweet from WrestleVotes.

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Several fans online were not happy with the news that Torrie Wilson is heading into the WWE Hall of Fame, calling the induction “controversial.” Former WWE star and Torrie Wilson colleague Gail Kim came to the defense of Wilson on Twitter, writing, “why is it controversial? She has contributed a lot to the business and the fans adored her. There are people who are way more controversial picks. Like that poop Donald Trump. I don’t care whether there is a celebrity inductee or not. That whole part should be taken out.”

Torrie Wilson made her pro wrestling debut in WCW before making the jump to WWE after WCW was sold to Vince McMahon back in 2001. Wilson was part of the WCW “Alliance” during the invasion angle which pitted WCW and ECW stars against WWE.

Wilson left WWE in 2008 and announced her retirement shortly after leaving the company. She has since made sporadic appearances for WWE and competed in the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble match which took place back in 2018. Wilson also competed in a battle royal match at the first-ever all women’s WWE PPV, Evolution, and was eliminated from the bout by Mandy Rose.

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