Gameday 20: The Islanders Again

Penguins @ Islanders

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum | Uniondale, NY

Saturday, February 27 | 5:00PM Eastern


Welcome back to another weekend gameday. The gameday that can’t believe it has got to write another post about the god damn islanders.

Good win for the boys last night as they continue to do the good bit. For a definitive ranking of good hockey bits subscribe to my patreon link in bio.

Geoff has you covered on all the good hockey thoughts from last night here.

I am looking forward to this game about as much as I am for one of my sister’s kids birthday parties. I love them sure, but the guitar “concert” they insist on putting on fucking sucks. There’s been no effort to entertain me here, none of these chords even go together. And I have to sit here and fucking take it. That’s what it’s like watching the islanders play hockey.

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Go Pens