Gameday 3: Penguins vs. Capitals

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Capitals @ Penguins

PPG Paints Arena | Pittsburgh, PA

Sunday, January 17 | Noon Eastern Standard Time


Welcome back to WEEKEND gameday; the gameday who has a hangover and a stimulus check that’s about to be spent RECKLESSLY.

Penguins, friends, countrymen….The Penguins might be bad. We need to say this. It’s important that we think about this early. There is a very real chance that our Pittsburgh Penguins are 0-4 very soon. 

The Caps *could* in all likelihood, storm our beloved city the same way your mom’s friends on facebook stormed the capital building a short time ago. In both of these scenarios shit is *not* going as intended and is led by an old codger who thinks he’s way smarter than the actuality.

No one wants to start 0-2 against a heated rival and follow that up with another heated rival. It is the gut check time. I really want to be wrong about this team, but so far I have no reason to think I am.

I really hope I get a reason today.


The Penguins are subbing in some guy named O’Connor and it may as well be Chris Connor or Dustin Jeffrey or Cal O’Reilly because this is the same dumb shit that always happens so who cares. Or they may not. Existence is pain. Eat Arbys.

Jarry in the cage or some shit










Typing out that lineup was a ride.

Listen shit can get sideways quick here but it’s not like they can go 0-55 or whatever.

Gameday 3: Penguins vs. Capitals

Go Pens

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