Gameday: Cowboys vs. Rams

Gameday: Cowboys vs. RamsLabeled as a potential trap game for the simple fact the Cowboys are expected to destroy the wounded Rams, this game should be an easy win. But the Cowboys must remain vigilant and focused on the task at hand – domination. We’ve got Aikman’s A-crew for this game. Quick message to Joe Buck, its the “Ring of Honor” not the Ring of Fame! He always finds a way to screw that up, and what’s worse is that Aikman doesn’t correct him, get it right Buck!

Keys to Victory

The Cowboys must not underestimate the Rams offense, mainly the passing game. If the Cowboys do not get to Bulger on a regular basis I will be shocked and amazed. The Cowboys are facing a beatup offensive line that has kept Bulger on his heels all year long. Bulger is listed as probable with broken ribs, so a few good hits and pressures should do the trick. If Bulger feels the pressure, he’ll be quicker to pull the trigger on an errant pass rather than take the sack and risk getting his ribs more broken.

The Cowboys haven’t been a fast start team this whole year, which I attribute to Garrett’s overall game strategy of proding and poking against the defense. As usual, the afterburners will kick in full speed and the butt kicking will ensue. I would like to see us test a few schemes against the Rams. Perhaps a quick start would be something the Cowboys may actually try against the Rams. We’ll see.

Pressure Bulger

I suspect Phillips will want to test out Bulger early by sending in some aggressive blitz packages. With Bulger on the run, we should see him throwing some INTs. Keep the pressure on. We’ll probably test run some new schemes and packages against this beatup Rams defense, and this would be a good time to try other new packages now before we get to the Patriots game in two weeks.

Special Teams

We’ve got a few injuries that will keep some key players out on special teams, so the backups will need to step it up and limit any big plays for the Rams on special teams. Keith Davis is out for this game, as is Courtney Brown.

Running Attack

Same as previous games. We’ll see more running in this game, and we could see another dominating performance from MB3 and Jones. Our offensive line dwarfs the Rams line, and we should be able to tire them out at Texas Stadium. If anything, the running game will take over completely in the 2nd half. No one on the Rams defense will shut us down.

When in Doubt

Throw to Witten. If you have Witten on your fantasy team, you better start him. Witten is going to be money against the Rams. Their LBs are very porous and can cover the big TE. They been known to give up the yards against TEs in coverage, and watch out. Witten could have a huge game!

ST. LOUIS: RB Steven Jackson (groin), CB Tye Hill (back), G Richie Incognito (ankle). DALLAS: LB Greg Ellis (Achilles), WR Terry Glenn (knee), CB Terence Newman (foot/knee)

Rams @ Cowboys
Texas Stadium – Artificial Turf
FOX 12:00 PM CST
Analysts: Troy Aikman, Joe Buck, and Pam Oliver Gamecenter
Cowboys Game blacked out in Houston area, Click here for live stream

The Rest of the NFC East:
Eagles @ Giants 7:15PM CST NBC
Redskins BYE WEEK

Browns Watch:
Ravens @ Browns  1:00PM CST CBS

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