Gardner Minshew reminds the world he was ‘better’ than Kyler Murray, Daniel Jones with funny quote

The Jaguars may have signed Nick Foles to a hefty contract earlier in the year, but rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew really stole the show, and it appears that the organization would be wise to build around him going forward.

Minshew provided a spark that the offense never had under Foles, and his escapability allowed him to move around and create big plays — despite playing behind a poor offensive line. Minshew lifted the play of his teammates, while the offense often looked stagnant with Foles calling the shots.

And now the team will have a big decision to make going forward, once it figures out what to do with head coach Doug Marrone. Trading Foles would be the most plausible situation, but it remains to be seen if any other team would be interested in picking up his contract.

For now, Minshew has finished the season as the team’s starting quarterback, and he remains confident in his abilities. When a reporter compared him to fellow 2019 draft class quarterbacks Kyler Murray and Daniel Jones, Minshew — who was drafted 178th — made sure to remind the world that his stats were even “better.” He also added that he has a chip on his shoulder over colleges that passed on him, as well as other NFL teams, who did so in the draft.

The legend of Minshew continues to grow.