Geno Smith gives fiery response to Rex Ryan’s zinger

Free agent quarterback Geno Smith never really showed all that much passion with him on the football field, but he brought the fire and brimstone for one of his former coaches on Wednesday.

It all started when ex-Jets head coach Rex Ryan, who now serves as an analyst for ESPN, took a shot at Smith out of nowhere. Ryan was debating about whether or not Bill Belichick would’ve achieved the same level of success without Tom Brady as quarterback, and he painted the picture of how it might’ve went for the Patriots head coach if he had been operating on the other end of the spectrum — with Smith under center.

Well, Smith, as it turns out, did not appreciate being the butt of Ryan’s joke. The two never really appeared to get along all that well on the Jets, and that animosity elevated things on Wednesday, when Smith blasted Ryan, calling him a “snake.”

Don’t expect these two to be patching things up anytime soon.