Git ‘Er Done

See the game thread below to comment on during the game. Two games in one day! We can win both.
I miss the old Curt Schilling. You know, the one who could throw that fastball past anyone, with a devastating splitter. The one we saw last year? Not the one that we cheered in the postseason – he was gone. In his place was a warrior who wins with heart, grit, logic – but of course you must have some stuff to throw!
The New Schilling had nothing earlier this year. The New Schilling realized that as his stuff dissapears, he needs to find other ways to get people out. To become crafty. Kinda like Pedro had to do before he found the fountain of youth in ye old National League.
The New Schilling will take the mound tonight (nothing against Tim Wakefield, but I see you 90% of the time when I attend. Sorry.) and I’ll be in attendance. Sure, he’s had two great starts in his last three games, sandwiched by an average start. But before these three starts, he was struggling. Before that, he was doing an okay job of relieving, and prior to that, he was on the DL. Before that, he was getting lit up.
This is the test. Curt Schilling, one start before the finale of the season, which will more than likely end up being the deciding game (which, it figures, huh? Pepto Bismol? Did I buy some today? Yesssss, I did.) and all eyes will be on him – on the man they call The Red Sock. The epitome of Red Sox Nation, with blood seeping through his legs. Remember?
Can Curt Schilling defeat the Jays? This Blue Jays series is amazingly crucial, because let’s be honest, the Orioles aren’t winning another game this season. No, we’re not getting any favors done by the Orioles, who if the Yankees finish in first, will be the deciding factor between both teams AGAIN … (#$%^&^%$%^&). No, we’re going to have to clip some Blue Jay wings ourselves, and add it to the makeshift peacock we have. It has a brilliant head of cardinal red feathers, with a Oriole orange body. All we’re missing is the Blue Jay blue plume.
Get ‘er done, boys.

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