GK Brizer wins his second Eagles MACH 10 crown

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Miami Dolphins

The GK stands for “Gate Keeper” as the cultural guardian of the oldest Eagles online fan base dating back to the early days of PE.com.  His motto “to educate and entertain” became the touchstone of this column over the years as well.

Brizer earned his second career MACH 10 crown as the only contestant to nail down two (2) actual draft picks for this year’s Eagles event, those picks being Jordan Davis and Cameron Jurgens.  Almost half of the 58 total entries had at least one pick correctly predicted—but only Brizer had two picks on the board, impressive in that the Eagles limited themselves to a mere 5 total picks.

Brizer commented on his performance:

“Whatever will be,.will be. Ironically, this season, in my Briview,,.was one of the toughest,..if not THEE toughest to strategize for. That said,..when we got to Round 5,esp. near our next pick,..I felt very good,…to extremely good about nailing number trois. However,..EVERGREEN threw a monkey wrench into the mix,..and I felt “betrayed”. MOREOVER,..I am still confounded by what the IGGLES did instead. A quality CB and DE were sitting right there in Rd 5 and we decided to pick dubiously in Round 6…..Baffling!!!! I projected to TGBWFWMJB99 that those 6FF jabonies (NR) will be looking for jobs elsewhere in SEP,..barring injuries. As a sidebar,…I did mention to youse about drafting a punter and an IVY league QB,.as possibilities. That said,..we did pick up that QB as an UDFA. One out of two ain’t bad. Carry on,..guvna’!”

And so the legacy of champions is further writ:

2007…..M. Fanny Harris
2008…..Leo Pizzini
2009…..M. Fanny Harris
2010…..GK Brizer
2011…..The Great JB99
2013…..Don Pardo
2014…..Kenny Kenemeka
2019…..Palm Feathers
2022….GK Brizer

In other Eagles news, with the Eagles landing Carson Strong, who many perceive to be the top undrafted QB, fellow UDFA QB E.J. Perry (Brown) has decided to instead join the Jacksonville Jaguars. Teaming up with Doug Pederson probably will be a better fit for Perry anyway. The Eagles are adding a new UDFA signing at a different position to the mix: Western Michigan edge rusher Ali Fayad.  Fayad, who turns 23 next year, played in the MAC for five years. As a super senior, he posted 17.5 tackles for loss, 12 sacks, and two forced fumbles. Fayad projects to play the SAM linebacker role in Philly’s defense. He’ll compete with the likes of Patrick Johnson and Kyron Johnson for a backup spot behind Haason Reddick.

Ironically, after a Philly draft graded highly by most critics, Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the team has fired director of scouting operations Casey Weidl. Casey Weidl is the brother of vice president of player personnel Andy Weidl and McLane reports his future is uncertain.

Player personnel executive T.J. McCreight, southwest area scout Shawn Heinlen and scouting assistant Evan Pritt are also reportedly out for the Eagles.

Andy Weidl interviewed with the Steelers for their General Manager position and the team is expected to hire someone now that Kevin Colbert is set to retire after running their draft.

The Eagles have also seen co-directors of player personnel Brandon Brown and Ian Cunningham become assistant General Managers with the Giants and Bears, respectively, this offseason. Vice president of football operations Catherine Raiche is expected to leave for a job with the Browns, so there are going to be a lot of changes to General Manager Howie Roseman’s staff ahead of next season.

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