If there was ever a time to break the pledge of NOT betting on 18 and 19 year old kids, this is the week.

The early line has USC as THIRTY ONE point favorites. Time to bet the farm on us +31.

We may not have the lead in the 4th quarter, but unless we have a terrible start, we are gonna be close until late.

USC is already talking about being done with the hard part of their schedule, we’re 0-4 in conference and a seeming doormat to wipe ones feet on.

The question that comes into this week is whether or not we will give a damn when the ball gets kicked off.

I’m betting that these kids and the staff will get up for the nationally televised game and the opportunity at history.

USC’s defense hasn’t seen an offense like ours, and I really like our chances to score in the 30’s once again. That means that SC has to score 62 at minimum to be able to cover and I think Harrison will keep our O on the field long enough to make that tough…

So, as of Monday, I am predicting that SC is winning 38-31 going into the fourth quarter. The only question is whether or not the final will be 59-38 or whether or not we will see another heartbreaker in the mold of 52-38 when they score near the end to put us away.

The key will be the first two offensive possessions for us. If we score early, this game may actually be pretty darn fun to watch.

I’m hoping we can take the pressure coat off an have some fun.

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