Good thoughts

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First, good stuff on keeping this thing going. I agree, let’s keep it rolling. I’ve tailed off on new posts, probably because this season turned into one huge bad joke. Plus I’ve been busy with this thing called WORK.

Anyway, all I can say? I never dreamed, walking out of the Grambling game, when we were 3-0, that I’d be sitting here AC week hoping like crazy that we can still go 4-7! What happened we know all too well, and to re-hash it is too difficult. There will be plenty of time to think about what went wrong and what will (hopefully) go right next year.

Here’s an interesting Coug website I found, sort of a blog, really. Some pretty good stuff:

It’s also nice to see we won the Space Needle contest, right in their own back yard. That’s got to be humiliating to them?

By the way, anyone notice the new drug rule that came down yesterday in MLB? 1st offense 50 games?? 3 strikes and you are out, for life?? That’s huge. But, the bigger part? The testing for amphetemines. I heard interviews with Willie Mays and Hank Aaron, and they both said greenies were popped in their day like tic-tacs. Even Mickey Mantle and guys from that era, they always had greenies around. I also heard on KJR early this AM that during the M’s 2001 season, one team trainer no longer with the team said there were two sets of coffee pots in the locker room. One was your normal caffeine coffee, one was “special” coffee that would have you ready to jump out of your skin. It was thought that special coffee was loaded with speed, but never actually said. So that could have a huge effect on numbers next year!

Can you imagine playing baseball from February through September with all that travel, the wear and tear, the flat-out mental and physical drain it must be to play 162 games?? Think how exhausted you’d be? The game is going to take a drastic turn starting next year, and I really think we’re going to see not only a lot more injuries, I mean when you are tired you get hurt, but performances will take big dips, not just because of steroids, but because so many other things are now forbidden.

Anyway, on the Cougs – I still believe we will win this game. And like Brinkhater said, we’ll win in a shootout. We’ve proved we can score points with anyone, sans USC, and UW quite frankly can’t score with us over 4 quarters. I don’t even think it’ll be a case of whoever has the ball last wins, because save for one shining moment last week in the sun against an AZ team with nothing to play for against them, UW has been an offensive disaster this year. Meanwhile we’ve put up points on the best of the conference. 31 against Oregon, 24 vs. ASU, 38 vs. Cal, 33 vs. OSU, 41 vs. UCLA.

Keep in mind how many yards Brink threw for vs. the OSU D. Well, you should also know that UW failed to score a TD against OSU until the last minute of a game they had no chance to win, with Durocher at QB! Add it up, it should be an easy win. But it’s the AC, and as we know too well, it almost never goes exactly the way you think. I wouldn’t be shocked to see them run the ball like crazy against us, mix in a few play-action passes and wild Stanback scrambles, and we might be in for a serious fight.

Next week, I am going to post an in-depth look ahead to 2006. Much more pleasant to look forward vs. look back at this ongoing nightmare.

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