Gooooooo Trojans!

Gooooooo Trojans! Just keeping with the theme from UCLA a few weeks ago……

All I know is, the tone at USC changed pretty quick after the latest BCS standings were released. USC is pissed. A few players said on Monday “What, do we have to win 100-0?” That leads me to believe USC is going to come out, on national TV, and put the pedal to the metal for the full 60 minutes, from kickoff to QB kneel-down. We’re in deep shit. Just think how good Oregon has been on offense, and how they were shut down when it mattered vs. SC, at Autzen. I know Notre Dame moved the ball when they needed to, but Brady Quinn has turned into a darkhorse Heisman candidate, and Charlie Weis is the best offensive mind on the planet, college of pro. Alex Brink, Josh Swogger, hell, Arkie Hall, are NOT Brady Quinn, and Levy is NOT Charlie Weis!

BrinkHater, I have one question with your logic to the Cougs scoring points on Saturday. If Brink is so terrible, how will they put up 38 on USC on the road?

USC 63, WSU 16.

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