Grades for Super Bowl LI ads, 3rd Quarter

84 Lumber: The Journey Begins — D minus
NFL: Super Bowl Baby Legends — B plus
Audi: Daughter — A
Mr. Clean: Cleaner of Your Dreams — C minus
Snickers: Old West — D
Budweiser: Born the Hard Way — A
T-Mobile: #BagofUnlimited — C
Persil: 10 Dimension — C plus
Kia: Hero’s Journey — B plus
It’s a 10 Haircare: Four More Years — B minus
Nettlix: Stranger Things 2 — B
A Cure for Wellness — C
Top Games US: The Battle of Evony — C
AMC: The Walking Dead — B
Fiji Water: Nature’s Gift — C
NFL: The Future of Football — C
Paramount: Baywatch — C
Alfa-Romeo: Dear Predictable — C
T-Mobile: #Punnished — B
NFL: Inside the Lines — B