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I agree, man, it’s crazy. I just talked to Mead about Stewart, and he said he’s sensational and all that, but for ONE big thing – he talked to a couple of recruiters who have been watching him the last 3 years, and they all agree that health could turn out to be a big issue at the next level. Many of his super highlights are bulldozing and steamrolling kids, but that’s at the high school level. You can’t always get away with that in college, of course, and some are worried about his true speed (maybe more like 4.6+) and he just doesn’t make people miss all that well. I said well, I’ve watched the highlights of him and I’m blown away, and he says yeah, but of those highlights, how many of those are him actually making people miss, and how many are him making like one or two moves, then running over a defenseless high school DB?? He’s got great balance and all that and he doesn’t go down very easy, but I went back and watched, and he was dead-on. Mead also pointed to the fact that he was hurt last year, but also, the year before battled some nagging injuries which many place on his style. I said yes, but he’s the all-time leading rusher in the state, so he’s been out there doing well, and he came back with “but the bottom line is you can’t make a living running people over in college unless you are 6-3, 250 like Adrian Peterson. Stewart is 5-10, 220 lbs.”

Food for thought.

So, you are right – he ain’t the second coming. He’s fabulous, but he’s just a kid, a human being at that. Yep, Doba and company won’t go down without a fight, but they also won’t beg like a dog either for him to come. If the surprise is coming, so be it, but if not, we’re strong as hell anyway.

Bennett really is building something, it’s pretty amazing. They are beyond young, and just give them a few years of playing in the system, they might be the team nobody wants to schedule! Their frosh PG, Low, is really impressive too.

At 10:28 AM, Dr. Ferdie (Lawson) said…

Well, there’s nothing quite like the hype of being a senior in high school who is being treated like the second coming.

Honestly, Sean, I don’t see the competition between WSU and Oregon.. Sure, the facilities are great and the crowd is super loud at Quack Central, but are the facilities better than USC???? Are they better than Tennesee? Is the environment anywhere near that of a Saturday night in Knoxville in a confernce that is HELL BENT on running the football.

I know that coaches aren’t supposed to bad mouth, but the Oregon of today is NOT the Oregon of Joey Heisman, Onterrio Smith, and the RB that plays for the Seahawks (name escapes me at the moment). That was TEDFORD’S Oregon.

Belloti’s Oregon is a .500 program with pretty mediocre talent development and a VERY poor defensive development program. I mean, how many years in a row has it been that they’ve been weak at LB and DB?

In short, I know that I am biased, but I think that Oregon is #3 right now in the NW foodchain…so if Smith wants to go there, fine…and I honestly don’t think he will change much for their fortunes…but you gotta think that Doba will come in that house firing today…and you also gotta think that his boys will be calling all day was well…..we’ll see…

But seriously, Oregon has that Nike money, but I will bet my bottom dollar that at the end of the 2006 season, we will be talking about two NW schools as upper division programs: WSU and Oregon State. Not only do we have skill at the skill positions (and we’re SSSSOOOOO young!), but we have recruited speed EVERYWHERE, and if you watch USC, Okey, Miami, and all the big boys, its all about speed….and we’re a better coached football team than ever before….

Ditto Oregon State…Reilly is a good coach, and a GREAT recruiter (that 11-1 team was HIS recruits)…you look at the athletes they had last year and the enthusiam of the Beaver Backer nation, and I think they rise over the Quack….

Anyhow, we’ll see…

Meanwhile, have you noticed that Bennett is quietly building a program? .500 record in the Pac with what 8 freshmen in the 10 man rotation…and they play sssssssooo ugly….they could be something in the next couple of years–albeit the POLAR opposite of the pups who are pretty darn fun to watch…

Keep me informed…but remember, ssso much of this is ego for the young kids, and you never know when god will speak…you never, ever know…

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